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John F. Ware Family

JOHN F. WARE of the North Carolina Line begins with JOHN WARE (SR.) who was born in 1743 and died on 4September1819. He married ELIZABETH McKELVEY who was born in 1752 and died 11April1819. They had no less than ten children. (1) ROBERT WARE, (2) MARY WARE, (3) NANCY WARE, (4) ELIZABETH WARE, (5) MARGARET WARE, (6) JAMES WARE, (7) HUGH WARE, (8) SARAH WARE, (9) JANE WARE, and (10) JOHN WARE Jr. who was born in the year 1786 and lived until 19May1818. He married SUSANNAH DICKEY who was born in 1791 and died 19May1819. John and Susannah Ware had four children; ALEXANDER WARE, WILLIAM WARE, THOMAS SEATON WARE, and JOHN DICKEY WARE who was born on 22November1813 and died on 1September1899 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. John D. Ware married ELIZABETH GOFORTH who was born on the 10th day of March, 1809 in Lincoln County, North Carolina and died on 1February1889 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. The six children of John Dickey and Elizabeth Goforth Ware are WILLIAM M. WARE, SARAH SUSANNAH WARE, MARY R. WARE, MARGARET C. WARE, THOMAS A. WARE, GEORGE W. WARE who was born on 7May1851 and died on the 29th of May, 1935, and JOHN FLETCHER WARE who was born on 13June1845 at Kings Mountain in Cleveland Co., North Carolina. John F. Ware married SUSAN ANN WYATT who was born on 6February1848 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina and died 17December1925. She was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery on the 20th of December, 1925. Her husband died on 3September1921 in Thackerville, Love Co., Oklahoma and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery on 4September1921. John F. Ware served in Confederate Army during the War. The family came to Upshur County, Texas in 1870, then moved to Cooke County, Texas in 1872, and finally settled in Oklahoma in 1909.

THOMAS WESLEY WYATT, born on 19July1820 and died in the year 1891, married, in 1840 in South Carolina, ADELINE AMANDA McDOWELL who was born on 17July1821 and lived until 1899. Both of them are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Gainesville, Texas. Thomas and Adeline Wyatt had six children; (A) MONROE WALLACE WYATT was born on 30August1841 in Spartanburg Co., SC and later married MISSOURI LOUISE WHITE in South Carolina. She was born in 1843 and died on 20June1881. Monroe died on 3June1901 and both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. One of their sons, WILLIAM J. WYATT was born on the 22nd of February, 1874 in South Carolina and died 20February1955. He married MAUDE DORRIS who was born 25November1889 and died 6February1966. Both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Their daughter is MAE CONSTANCE WYATT who died the same year she was born, 1917. She too is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. The rest of Monroe's and Missouri's children are: (2) Sallie A. Wyatt, (3) Charlie C. Wyatt, (4) Connie L. Wyatt, (5) Jimmie G. Wyatt, (6) Walter M. Wyatt, (7) Susan J. Wyatt, (8) Maggie L. Wyatt and (9) Monroe E. Wyatt. Monroe Wallace Wyatt married, secondly, SARAH ANN WYATT who was born in May of 1846 in Tennessee and died in January of 1916 in Cooke County, TX. They had three children: Pete Wyatt born in February of 1855 in TX, Mary B. Wyatt born in Septof 1887 in TX, and Lucy L. Wyatt born in August of 1889 in TX. (B) ADOLPHUS ALLISON WYATT who was born on 9July1852 in Spartanburg Co., SC and died in 1919. He married MARGARET FRANCES TINSLEY who was born 11March1848 in SC and died 24February1899. Both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Gainesville, Texas. Their children were all born in Texas: Minnie Daisy Wyatt born in October of 1879, James Albert Wyatt, Ernest Sherwood Wyatt born in February of 1882, Oscar Russell Wyatt born in February of 1887, and OLLIE MAY WYATT. Ollie Wyatt was born on 28June1884 and died 20February1962. She married EARNEST M. KERR who was born on 30March1883 and died on 1July1952. Both are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. (C) Wesley Clarence Wyatt was born on 16July1857 in Spartanburg Co., SC and died on 28July1939 in Cooke Co., TX. He married Alice D. Dickson in Gainesville on 24November1882. She was born on 28August1863 in Dyer Co., Tennessee and died 19September1941 in Walters, Cotton Co., OK, where she was buried also. They had nine children total. Their daughter CLARRA MAY WYATT who was born on 15March1889 and lived to be two years old, dying on 18June1891. Both Clarra and her father are buried at Oak Grove. Another daughter, JESSIE BEULAH WYATT married FREDDIE BROWN KERR. The moved to Grandfield, Tillman Co., Oklahoma and are buried there, too, in the Grandfield Cemetery. Jessie was born 24November1882 in Woodbine and died 12December1944 in Grandfield. Freddie was born 22June1882 in North Carolina and died 15April1967 in Grandfield. They married 24January1904 in Woodbine. They had eight children [NOTE: I have descendants of these children which I will add at a later time.] and they are: Graden Cecil Kerr, Iva Edith Kerr, Jesse Glenn 'Jack' Kerr, Clara Avas 'Abb' Kerr, Wesley Horace Kerr, Myrtle Mae Kerr, Roy Francis Kerr, and Fred Brown Kerr. Wesley and Alice's daughter Cora Ann Wyatt was born 6August1885 in Woodbine and died 28February1968 in Gainesville. Cora married, on 5July1903 in Woodbine, Charley Newton Clodfelter who was born in 1878 and died 5July1903 in Woodbine. Both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. They had four children and all were born in Gainesville: Clarence Cleveland Clodfelter was born 9November1904 and died in Gainesville on 30November1974. He had married Gladys Lucille Cloer on 25December1922 in Gainesville. They had three children together: Gladys Marie Clodfelter born 4February1924 in Gainesville and she married Kenneth Jerome Eberly on 25December1942 in Gainesville also. They had a son and a daughter: Barbara Sue Eberly born 5September1944 in Jefferson Co., TX and Clarence Victor Eberly born 14February1947 in Tarrant Co., TX. Daughter Clarency Sue Clodfelter was born 25October1929 in Healdton, Carter Co., OK and married John Cox on 14January1949. Her brother Charles Manley Clodfelter was born 10May1940 in Gainesville. Henry Otis Clodfelter was born 2November1909 in Gainesville and died 22January1990 in Gainesville. On 8April1933 in Cooke County, Texas he married Anna Isle Myers who was born 24February1914 in Gainesville and died 21November1998 in Gainesville. Both are buried at Oak Grove. The had a son who was born and died on 12March1935 and another son, Howard Ray Clodfelter who was born 14July1945 in Cooke Co., TX and he married Sandra Lou Sunafrank on 13January1967 in Tarrant Co., TX. Sandra was born 19April1948 in Tarrant County, Texas. Doris Coleta Clodfelter was born 2August1920 in Gainesville and died 30September1992 in Gainesville. She married, in 1940 in Gainesville, Carroll Thomas Clark who was born 4October1915 in Gainesville. They have four children, all born in Gainesville: Charles Thomas Clark born 24October1941 and married Peggy Anita McQuien on 20June1968 in Tarrant Co., TX, Doris Carol Clark born 31March1943 and married Sneed Addison Harshlarger in Grayson Co., TX on 19July1968, Talton Dean Clark born 6August1944 and married Billie C. Johns on 16August1969 in Cooke Co., TX. She was born on 3April1941 in Cooke Co., TX. Talton married secondly, Edith A. Welch on 10November1971. James Wesley Clark was born 20July1946. A son of Wesley and Alice Wyatt was John Clarence Wyatt who was born on 21May1893 in Woodbine and died 22October1973 in Sacramento, CA. He is buried at Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sacramento. His brother, George Atil Wyatt, was born 15November1895 in Dexter, Cooke County, TX and died 19February1976 in Lawton, Comanche Co., OK. He married M. Ruth Armstrong on 22April1921 also in Lawton. She was born 17April1903 in Trenton, Blackford Co., Indiana and died 5November1989 in Lawton. She is buried at Walters, Cotton Co., OK. Their daughter Verda Leota Wyatt was born 3March1923 in Walters, OK and died 10June1987 in Malakoff, Henderson Co., Texas. She is buried at Walters, OK. She first married on 30January1941 Allen Duckworth. Secondly, she married Curtis Victor Stanford on 8June1947 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX. He was born on 7June1917 in Swenson, Stonewall Co., TX and died 14January1982 in Malakoff, TX. He too is buried at Walters, OK. Their son is Monty Carlis Stanford and he was born on 14May1942 in Comanche, Stephens Co., OK and he married Ruth Ann Brown on 10Apri1965 who was born on 10May1940. They had a son and a daughter, Derek Christopher Stanford born 10October1970 and Wendy Elizabeth Stanford born 4December1975. Bessie Lenora Wyatt was born to Wesley and Alice on 24June1898 in Woodbine and died 13October1962 in El Reno, Canadian Co., OK. She married on 25December1919 in Walters, OK, Jessie Mathis Hensley who was born 15February1891 in Fallsville, Neton Co., Arkansas and died 4November1978 in Bellflower, Los Angeles Co., CA. [NOTE: I will extend this branch in the future also.] Iva Cordelia Wyatt was born 18January1902 in Woodbine and died 8January1981 in Walters, OK. She married James William Clark in Walters, OK on 31January1927. He was born on 12July1889 and died 9March1957. Iva is buried in Walters, OK. Rene Belle Wyatt was born 14April1904 and died 31December1924 in Tucumcari, Quay Co., New Mexico. She is buried at Walters, OK also. William Leslie Wyatt was born 27October1908 and died 20December1963 in Temple, Cotton Co., OK. He married Eveline Louise Sparks on 20January1929 in Temple, OK. she was born on 8October1908 and died on 7January1987 in Temple, OK. They are both buried at Temple Cemeterey in Temple, OK. Their daughter is Wanda Jean Wyatt who was born on 17December1929 in Temple, OK and she married Jay Robert Taylor on 7May1950 also in Temple, OK. Jay Robert Taylor was born in April of 1923 and they had a son named Jay Robert Taylor Jr. who was born 11August1955. (D) CLARINDA CATHRINE WYATT was born 10December1849 in Spartanburg Co., SC and married Arti L. Lane on 5December1875 in Cooke County, Texas. Arti was born in April of 1850 in Missouri. Clarinda and Arti had four chilren, all born in Texas: Claude Lane born in April of 1876, Albert Lane born in November of 1879, Kate Lane born in November of 1887 and Fred Lane born in October of 1890. (E) ADALINE AMANDA WYATT who was born on the 23rd of June, 1861 and married JIM THOMAS. They had six children: Eula, Olive, Fred, Artie, Wesley and Viola Thomas. Adaline married secondly, Mr. Ussery and had child, Erthel Ussery. (F) SUSAN ANN WYATT who was born to Thomas and Adeline Wyatt on 6February1848 in Spartanburg County, S.C. and married JOHN F. WARE. In the 1870 Glenn Springs Township Census for Spartanburg Co., S.C., Wesley Wyatt is listed as a farmer, as is John F. Ware, and all his children are listed as being born in South Carolina. Jane Cunningham is also listed as living with them. She was 69 years of age and born in South Carolina. Later, in the 1880 Cooke County Texas Census, a grandson, LOUIS SCHOPPAUL is found living with Thomas Wyatt and family. He is listed as a fourteen year old male born in South Carolina. (G) Jane Carline Wyatt was born 23October1843 in Spartanburg Co., SC and married Adolf Schoppaul who was born in Germany in June of 1834. All of their children were born in SC: Louis H. Schoppaul, Adolf Schoppaul, Nellie Schoppaul, Albert Schoppaul, Bessie Schoppaul, May Schoppaul and Jessie Schoppaul who was born in August of 1878 and married Sallie who was born in August of 1881 in Mississippi. They had a daughter Callie who was born in Texas in April of 1900. (H) Henry Madison Wyatt was born 5January1846 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

John and Susan Ware had six children; JOHN WESLEY WARE was born on 20January1870 in S. Carolina and married GENEVA A. GILLESPIE who was born 25March1876 in Tennessee and died on 21March1969. They married on 18April1895 in Cooke County. She was buried in Oak Grove with her husband who died 1April1941. 'Major' John Ware served as the Woodbine rural route mail carrier from 1898 until January of 1919. ELIZABETH "BESSIE" AMANDA WARE was born on 28August1872 and died on 25August1953 in Dallas, Texas. She married, on 23December1892, in Gainesville, WILLIAM FOSTER BLACK who was born on 22May1868 in Spartanburg Co., SC and died on 20November1944 in Dallas Co., TX. He was buried at Laurel Land Cemetery, in Dallas, Texas. They had three children; ARTHUR GORMAN BLACK who was born on 20March1895 in Gainesville, and died on March 15, 1976 in Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas. He married three times; first, to EDYTH WYATT/WHITE; secondly, on 5March1936, MAGGIE LEE ADAMS; and lastly, on 20January1938, MARGARET ELIZABETH FOSTER. Margaret and Arthur are the parents of Connie Jean Black Draper who was born 5October1939 in Alto, Cherokee Co., Texas. She married William T. Draper on 10September1970 in Cass Co., TX. Connie's brothers and sisters are: Evelyn Lea Black born 7April1941 in Cherokee Co., TX, William Foster Black born 6December1942 in Dallas Co., TX, Arthur Gorman Black Jr. born 3March1944 in Dallas Co., TX, James Edward Black born 15august1946 in Cherokee Co., TX, Elizabeth Sue Black born 20february1949 in Cherokee Co., TX, and Linda Ann Black who was born 6November1947 in Cherokee Co., TX and married Denney James Remer on 21May1966 in Cherokee Co., TX. ESTHER CONSTANCE BLACK was born to William Foster Black and Bessie Ware on 6October1898 in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas and married, on 28May1918, CHARLES ROY PARMELEE. Esther died on 3April1959 in Dallas, Texas. Charles R. Parmelee was born on 30May1896 and died 5May1931. Their son is CHARLES ROY PARMELEE Jr. ROYAL TRUE BLACK was born on the first of December, 1900 in Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. Royal married HELEN LEOHNERT who was born on 18June1900 and died in August of 1977 in Culver City, Los Angeles Co., CA. Royal died in Los Angeles, California on 9July1948. ALICE WARE was born in Gainesville, Texas in 1876. CLARENCE CLEVELAND WARE was born to John and Susan Ware on 16January1879 in Gainesville and died in 1950. Clarence married OLA. He is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Ola M. Ware was 20 years old at the time of the 1900 Cooke County Census and stated that she was born in Texas. ETHEL LEE WARE was born on the 26th of March, 1881 in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas and she married WEBB CLAYTON HIGH on 25November1900. Ethel died on 15May1970 and was subsequently buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Marietta, Oklahoma. Webb Clayton High was born 28May1877 and died in Oklahoma on 7January1930. He was buried with his wife in Lakeview Cemetery, Love County, Oklahoma. Their son was WARE C. HIGH was born on Christmas Day, 25December1902. He died on 1January1966 in Lewisville, Denton County, Texas and was buried at Lakeview Cemetery along side his wife, Ruby L. High and their child. CONSTANCE "CONNIE" I. WARE was born to John and Susan on 8March1885 in Gainesville and she died in 1950 and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery as Constance Rapking. She married, first, LUTHER WINEBLOOD. Connie Wineblood took her Methodist vows at the Woodbine Methodist Church in 1896. Luther is the son of A. M. WINDBLOOD/WINEBLOOD who was 72 years old when he died 29April1918 near Thackerville from pneumonia. He was married at the time and had five sons and two daughters. Two of the sons are Luther and Boren. A. M. was buried in Fairview Cemetery 2May1918.

John Wesley Ware and Geneva A. Gillespie had seven children; RUBY HELEN WARE was born on 30August1900 in Gainesville and married BYRON A. BENTON who was born on 21May1882 and died on 6August1972 in Dallas Co., TX. He and his wife are buried at Oak Grove. She died on October 10, 1976 in Travis Co., TX. Ruby Ware took her Methodist vows at the Woodbine Methodist Church on 13August1911 and her sister, FANNIE PEARL WARE took hers in Woodbine on 14August1911. Fanny Pearl Ware was born on 2July1902 in Woodbine, Cooke County, Texas and died on 23December1990 in Dallas, Texas. She was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. LETA MILDRED WARE was born on 3February1904, also in Woodbine, and died on Christmas Eve, 24December1997 in Dallas, Texas. She was buried on 27December1997 in Oak Grove Cemetery. Mildred Ware took her Methodist vows at the family church on 21August1912. CHARLES RAYMOND WARE was born, a twin, on 2 October 1906 in Gainesville and died on 24December1989 in Richardson, Texas. His twin, FLETCHER "BUCK" RANDALL WARE was born on 2 October 1906, of course. JOHN WESLEY WARE, Jr. was born to John Wesley Ware and Geneva A. Gillespie on 4May1908 in Gainesville and was baptised on 15August1911 at the Woodbine Methodist Church. He died in Dallas, Texas on 1June1992. An INFANT CHILD of John and Geneva Ware is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery next to them. A side note is that a Fanny Pearl Ware was a teacher for the Walnut Bend, Dexter school in 1921-22 and it is not known if in fact this is the same person. All signs point to that conclusion though. As does this, a Mildred Ware was a school teacher for Salem School in Woodbine for the same year, 1921-22. I believe these are both the same persons mentioned above.

ALICE TAYLOR MITCHELL, MOLLIE TAYLOR BAILEY, LUCY ANN TAYLOR GILLESPIE, and JIM TAYLOR are brothers and sisters. Lucy Ann Taylor was born on 17June1856 in Sharon, Tennessee and married, on 27January1875, CHARLES W. GILLESPIE. Lucy Gillespie died on 26February1926 and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, 28February1926. Charles W. Gillespie was born 29September1848 and died on 7November1934. He was buried with his wife at Oak Grove. The Gillespies moved to Woodbine, Texas in 1882 and then to Gainesville in 1922. They had no fewer than twelve children. (A) JAMES W. GILLESPIE, (B) GEORGE T. GILLESPIE, (C) GENEVA A. GILLESPIE who later married John F. Ware, (D) FANNIE PEARL GILLESPIE who was born on 14August1882 and died on 16August1902. She is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. (E) LULA GILLESPIE (HICKS) who was born in 1878 in Tennessee and died on 16April1921 in Gainesville. She is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, also, on the 17th of April, 1921. Her daughters are Mrs. Jess Hicks Kennedy, Leila Hicks and Dorothy Ann Hicks. (F) MATTIE I. GILLESPIE was born on 18April1886 and died on 27September1953. She was buried at Oak Grove. There are three infant Gillespies at Oak Grove that are unidentified at this time: INFANT GILLESPIE , INFANT GILLESPIE , and  INFANT GILLESPIE. She married Rev. HIRAM CARTER HAND who was born on 14October1884 and died on 18Dec1936. He too is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. H.C. Hand was an early pastor at the Callisburg Methodist Church. Several of the Gillespie daughters are known only by their married names at the moment. They are (G) Mrs. ED W. RICHARDS, (H) Mrs. JULIAN RUSSELL, (I) Mrs. J. A. SELLERS, (J) Mrs. H. T. GOSLIN, (K) Mrs. NOEL CALDWELL, and (L) Mrs. O. L. THOMAS. "High" C. Hand is the son of WILLIAM CALVIN HAND who was born in Indiana and died at age 78 in Tioga, Texas. His children were: Mrs. WILL HOBBS, ED HAND, CHARLES HAND, ERNEST HAND, Mrs. JOHN KNIGHT, Mrs. FRINDSEY, Mrs. PRESLEY WARD, Mrs. ESTELLE PRESTIGE, Rev. WILL HAND, and Rev. HIRAM "HIGH" C. HAND. Mr. Hand was buried in the Barnhart Cemetery which is now the Spring Creek Cemetery on 21December1918. Estell Prestage was born 27February1880 near Fulton, Mississippi to DANIEL JASPER PRESTAGE and SARAH PALMARIE GEORGE. His family came to Cooke County around 1892. Estell married GUSSIE CLEO HAND at Burns City, Texas on 27December1905. The Prestage's had five daughters. A daughter of Estell and Gussie Prestage, OPAL PRESTAGE married the son of JESSE CARROLL CLODFELTER, JESSE CLODFELTER in 1925. PAULINE PRESTAGE married ELMER FOX in 1932 and had four children: MARTHA FOX DANIEL, JERRY FOX, MARY FOX and CAROLYN FOX AKIN. MILDRED PRESTAGE died at age 9 in 1919. SYLVIA PRESTAGE married JACK SMITH on 20September1931. Jack Smith died 21March1992. ESTELLA PRESTAGE married FRED MASK in 1936 and had sons, CONNIE and REX MASK. Estell Prestage died in 1966 and his wife, Gussie died in 1972. Both are buried at Nelson Grove. What follows is ancestry of Prestage's: LARKIN PRESTAGE was born in 1785 in Virginia. He died in Cherokee County, Texas in 1858. His children are: BENJAMIN, JOSIAH, RHODA, JEREMIAH, HEZEKIAH, ELIZABETH, OBADIAH, MARY and CAMPBELL. Jeremiah married MARTHA CONWILL, daughter of JESSE CONWILL. They had a son, DANIEL JASPER who was born 20May1850. D. J. married SARAH GEORGE, daughter of WYLIE GEORGE and MARTHA GREEN, on 31January1870. Sarah died in 1914 and D. J. died in 1933. Both are buried at Nelson Grove. They had ten children: CLIFFORD married EFFIE TITSWORTH in 1918; MARTHA married J.J. ADAMS in 1892; LEE ANDREW married IDA POWERS in 1898; JOHN DEE married CHRISSIE GULLICK in 1898; MARIE EVALINA married WILLIAM ELAM LONG in 1896; Estell married Gussie Hand in 1905; ERNEST LENARD married SARAH HIGGASON in 1907; WARREN HOLLY married PEARL BELL in 1907; CARRIE married JESSE GARNER in 1904 and later, after he died in 1918, she married CLINT PYLE in 1919; ROSA LEE married JOHN HENRY LUEB in 1909. Gussie Hand was born 12October1889 in Gainesville to William Calvin Hand and HENRIETTA EMMONS. William Hand was born 11June1842 in Koscuisko County, Indiana to JOHN HAND and HARRIET MANNING. William married ELMIRA MINER in the same county, 1863. She died giving birth to her third child in 1867. He married MARY VIRGINIA EMANS/EMMONS in 1870 in Coles County, Illinois. She died in 1870. On 23December1871 he married her sister, Henritta Emans/Emmons in Moultrie County, Illinois. The Emmons girls were daughters of AMOS EMANS/EMMONS and SARAH APPLEGATE. Henrietta was born 8July1850 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Her other siblings were CATHERINE, CHARLES, JOSEPH, AMOS WILLIAM and OAKLEY HAWK. The Hands and Emmons families came to Cooke County in 1879. The eight Hand children were: GUSSIE, CHARLES OTTO HAND, JENNIE P. HAND who married JOHN A. KNIGHT on 1January1891 and most of their kin is buried at Spring Creek Cemetery, EDWARD HAND, CARRIE MAE HAND, GERTRUDE HAND WARD, ELLA GRACE HAND HOBBS, WILLIAM EARL HAND who had sons W.C. Hand, Ray Hand and Clyde Hand who married Ila Lillian Speake daughter of J.W. Speake on 17April1938, HIRAM CARTER HAND, PEARL HAND FRENSLEY, and ERNEST HAND. Henrietta died in 1906 and William died in 1918. They are both buried at Spring Creek Cemetery, Cooke County, Texas.

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