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Ware/Purcell Family

GEORGE T. PURCELL (SR.) was born in Texas in September of 1855 and married SARAH E. HEUSTIS who was born in Texas in January of 1859 and died in 1941. They were married in Collin County on Christmas Day, December25,1876. She is buried at Hood Cemetery in Gainesville, Texas. G.T Purcell is listed as a trustee for the Hood School in 1901 and also as one of the board members along side H.P. Purcell in the 1920's. Bess Purcell and Lucy Ware were both early teachers at Hood. George and Sarah had nine children, of which three daughters have not been identified. These three daughters married J. C. DAVIDSON, B. W. JACOBS, and COY SHAW. JOHN H. PURCELL was born in Texas on May the third of 1882 and died 18May1948. He is buried at the Collinsville Cemetery in Collinsville, Texas. He married EDNA ALEXANDER PURCELL who was born 28August1884 and died on 17August1956. She too is buried in the Collinsville Cemetery. John and Edna Purcell are listed, in 1934, as owning a filling station at 709 W. California and residing at 403 S. Dixon. MAXWELL L. PURCELL was born in Texas, 7September1894 and died 1June1969. He is buried at Fairview. Maxwell married EDNA MARIE FRASHER who was born 15January1896 in Collin County, Tx and died 19June1985 in Whittier, California. She was buried in Fairview on 23June1985. In 1924, Mack (Maxwell) is listed as a truckman and residing at 215 S. Commerce. Later, in 1934, Mack and Edna reside at 1101 W. Witherspoon. They had four children: (1) JERRY P. PURCELL who was born on the 15th of July, 1926 and died on 15March1979, with burial at Fairview, (2) BERNYCE PURCELL (HURLEY), (3) KENNETH "RED" PURCELL, and (4) M. L. PURCELL who was born on the 20th of November, 1919 and died 28December1994. He was buried on the 30th of December in Fairview. He married HELEN G. DIEMER in Los Angeles, California on 31January1947. They had a daughter, DIANE PURCELL who married ROD TIPPETS. Diane and Rod had three children; RYAN TIPPETS, RANDY TIPPETS, and REBEKAH TIPPETS. M. L. Purcell served in the United States Navy and was employed with Chevron Corp for 34 years. GEORGE T. PURCELL JR. was born on December24, 1884 in Texas and died on 2January1919. He is buried in Hood Cemetery. In 1934, Mrs. G. T. Purcell is listed as residing at 614 W. Scott along with boarder, Belle Purcell. JOSEPH L. PURCELL was born in Texas, 7December1889 and died 7August1961. He is buried in Hood Cemetery. He married, on 20September1916, in Hood, Texas, JOANNA SOLOMON who was born the 29th of October, 1895. Joanna is the daughter of WILLIAM F. SOLOMON and MARY E. WEATHERFORD. Joanna died 29May1987, in Gainesville and was buried in the Hood Cemetery. They had two sons: Cpl. JOE FRANK PURCELL who entered the AAF in 1942 and was awarded the Presidential Citation, 12 Battle Stars and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters while serving with the 71st Fighter Squadron. Joe F. Purcell was born 30June1919 and died 2July1966. Joe is buried in the Hood Cemetery with his father and mother. His brother is WILLIAM L. PURCELL.

HARRY P. PURCELL was born to George and Sarah in February of 1886 in Texas and died in 1948. He is buried in Hood Cemetery. He married ETTA N. who died in Amarillo, Texas on 22September1982 and was buried on the 25th in Hood Cemetery, Cooke County, Texas. They had several children: (1) Lt. WALTER C. PURCELL (SR.), who entered the Navy in January of 1943. He married, first, LILLIE PERRYMAN on 16May1937 in Gainesville and she died in 1944. Secondly, he married JOANNA WEST NETTLETON. Walter worked for the Phillips Petroleum Company for 40+ years. He died 3April1988 in Waco, Texas and was buried in Hamilton, Texas on 5April1988. His children are WALTER C. PURCELL JR. and LINDA PURCELL (WARD) who had son, MONTY WARD. (2) HARRY M. PURCELL, who entered service January1941and was discharged on 30June1945 with five Battle Stars, (3) Sgt. PAUL G. PURCELL who married WALDINE BATES, and who entered service in December of 1942. (4) Sgt. RAYBON H. PURCELL, GHS Class of 1939, who married VIRGINIA LASTER, and who entered service December1942. His decorations include the Presidential Citation and the Purple Heart, (5) MILFORD PURCELL, (6) MARVEL PURCELL (RYAN), (7) MILDRED PURCELL (WHITE), and (8) BEATRICE PURCELL (LANTRIP).

WILLIAM EGBERT PURCELL was born in Texas in June of 1877 and married LUCY JANE WARE who took her Methodist Vows at Woodbine, 7August1900. The Purcells moved to Gainesville in 1920. The W. E. Purcell residence was at 415 N. Grand Avenue, Gainesville. In 1924, W. E. and Lucy J. Purcell are listed as running a garage and filling station and residing at 202 S. Morris. W. E. Purcell came to Cooke County in 1893 from Collin County, Texas and was the secretary of the Cooke County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association whose office was located in the courthouse. His wife was too, for a time. W. E. Purcell was also the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1 in Gainesville. Lucy Purcell taught the Wesley Workers Class at the Women's Society of Christian Service Church for 30 years. William and Lucy Purcell had a son and a daughter. WARE E. PURCELL was born 30March1928 in Gainesville and he married MARGE. They are the parents of DAVID WARE PURCELL who was born 19July1949 and married CATHY ZWIERZYNSKI. David and Cathy are the parents of THOMAS PURCELL, born 11October1977. Ware E. Purcell played football while attending GHS and is listed as a back. Sgt. Ware E. Purcell entered into the United States Army in January of 1942. He later gave up this rank earned with 13th Arm'd Division to volunteer for Airborne Service and served in the 11th Airborne. Ware Purcell was employed with LTV for thirty years before reitiring. He passed away on 24February2000 in Arlington, Texas and was buried at Schylkill Memorial Park in Schylkill Haven, Pennsylvania on 1March2000. BILLIE LU PURCELL is the daughter of W. E. and Lucy Purcell. She was born 13June1916 and married twice. Her first husband, WILLIAM IRA KING, married her on 4January1935 in Atoka, Oklahoma. William King was born 17August1921 in Davis, OK and died in Thackerville, OK, 14July1947. William Ira King and son, Billy Ira King died in a plane crash on 14July1947. William Ira King was the son of ALLEN KING. W.I. King was a long time switchman for the Sante Fe Railroad. King Motor Company was located at 310 S. Denton and 304 E. California. Both are buried at Fairview Cemetery. Billie Lou later married MARION EARL TREWIN. William and Billie King had four children. PEGGY ANN KING who was born on the 29th of July, 1936 and married SAM GRAY. BILLY IRA KING was born 9May1935 and died 14July1947, Thackerville, OK. JANE RUTH KING died on the day she was born, 8July1937 and was buried that very same day at Fairview. JOHN WARE KING was born in Gainesville, Texas on 31August1939 and married MARTHA RAY COLE in Weatherford, Texas on 5December1959. Martha Ray Cole was born 18July1942 in San Antonio, Texas and the mother of a son and daughter. Martha's fathers brother, Cecil C. Cole died during WWII. TIMOTHY WARE KING was born in Forth Worth, Texas 9July1960 and was married in 1981 to TAMMY OSBOURNE. Their daughter, JESSICA KING, was born in Fort Worth on 10May1983. TRACY LYNN KING was born in Fairbanks, Alaska on 18July1961 and married JOEY FRANKS in 1980. Tracy has since remarried. Their children were all born in Fort Worth, Texas. BRIAN KEITH FRANKS on 7April1981, STEWART TAYLOR FRANKS on 5April1984, and SHELBY MORGAN FRANKS on 9July1990.

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