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Slemp/Reece/Ware Connection

This part of the family tree starts with Johannes Zangmeister who was born in Kandel, Germersheim, Rheinland, Pfalz, Germany. His wife was also born there and they both died there as well. Their child was Anna Margaretha Zangmeister. She was born 14May1697 in Kandel, Germany and died there on 26December1742. She married Georg Simon Schlemp who was born in Kandel, Germany in 1625. Their son, Johann Fredrich Schelp, was born on 2April1737 in Kandel, Germany and married there, in 1766, Mary Metz. Johann was christened in Kandel, Germany on 22April1737 and he died in Sugar Grove, Rye Valley, Wythe Co., Virginia in 1807. Johann Fridich Schlemb/Schlemp/Slemp/Slimp, arrived in Philadelphia on the 5th of October, 1767 aboard the ship 'Sally' out of Rotterdam by way of Cowes, England. Mary Metz was born in Kandel, Germany in 1742 and died in Shoun, Johnson Co., Tennessee on 20March/April1826. Two days later she was buried in Washington Co., VA. Johann and Mary had ten children: (1) Jacob Slemp born in Washington Co., VA in 1767 and he died in Carter, Tenn. Jacob Slemp married in Wythe Co., VA on 27November1792, Mary Dougherty. Jacob appears on the personal tax list of 1793 with 1 tithe and 3 horses. (2) Ursula 'Ury' Slemp (3) Elizabeth/Elesebeth 'Betty' Slemp was born in Wythe, VA in 1770. (4) Michael Slemp was born in Sugar Grove, VA on 8February1773 and died on 6March1846 in Johnson Co., Tenn. Michael married Nancy Reasor, the daughter of Peter and Anna Reasor. Nancy was born on 9April1790 and died in June of 1876. They had twelve children together: John, Daniel, Alfred, David, Martin, Andrew, Frederick, Sarah, Elizabeth, Susannah, Mary, Louisa, a daughter of married Mr. Mitchel and a daughter of married Mr. Bradley. (5) Virginia Barbara Slemp was born 3April1775 in Holston Waters, Washington Co., VA and died on 20April1851. She was buried three days later. Barbara married Leonard Shoun on 14August1792. Leonard was born on 10November1773 in Loudoun Co., VA and died in Johnson Co., Tennessee on 9June1845. Barbara and Leonard had fifteen children together: (A) John Shoun born 28June1793 (B) Mary Shoun born 5Dec1794 and she married Peter Parkey (C) Elizabeth Shoun born 27February1796 (D) Andrew Shoun born 3Sept1797 (E) Isaac Shoun born 17Feb1798 (F) Frederick Shoun born 20March1800 (G) William Shoun born 8June1801 (H) Joseph Shoun born 27Feb1803 (I) Caty Shoun born 6Nov1804 (J) Rachel Shoun born 3June1806 (K) Sarah Shoun born 22April1808 (L) Nancy Shoun born 4Jan1811 (M) Rebecca Shoun born 4June1813 (N) David Shoun born 9Jan1817 and (O) Susannah Shoun born 31Jan1819. (6) Johann and Mary Slemp's son, Frederick Slemp married Silvy Linch in Wythe Co., VA on 1July1813 (7) Caty Slemp was born in Washington, VA in 1779. Caty married William Twyford in Wythe Co., VA on 13October1797. (8) Mary Slemp was born in Washington, VA in 1780 and died in Smyth, VA on 28October1858. Mary married Peter Shoop in Wythe Co., VA on 20September1804. (9) Julian Slemp married on 20September1793 in Wythe Co., VA, Jacob Low. Julian and Jacob had a daughter Caty Low. (10) John Slemp was born on 8April1781 in Montgomery Co., VA and died on July the 4th, 1858 in Lee County, VA of cancer. His will is in Lee Co., VA Will Book 2 Page 178. John Slemp married Alpha Smyth in Wythe Co., VA. Alpha died on 25April1866. The Slemp's moved to Turkey Cove, Lee County, Virginia in 1830. John and Alpha Smyth Slemp had seven children: (a) Sebastian Smyth Slemp was born on 9December1810 in Wythe Co., VA and died on 22May1859 in Lee County, Virginia. Sebastian married on 18April1831 in Lee Co., VA, Margaret Reasor, the daughter of Daniel and Susannah Jackson Reasor. Margaret was born on 3Jan1811 and died 31July1871. Sebastian was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates 1850-52. Sebastian and Margaret had five children: [1] Henry Clinton Slemp was born 6August1832 and died on 11Jan1901 in Turkey Cove, VA. He served in Co. A 37th Inf., 64th VA Regiment of the C.S.A. and was later commissioned Captain. Henry married twice and had a total of 16 children. {Note - Scroll down for the Henry Slemp genealogy} [2] Nervesta Overton Slemp born 11Dec1834 and died 2June1914. She married James Monroe Flanary on 19July1852. He was born to Elkanah and Nancy Young Flanary on 4July1834 and he died on 8Feb1915 [3] Alpha Slemp married on 4Aug1859 George W. Haburn, the son of Benjamin F. and Barbara Gose Haburn [4] Susan Slemp married Hiram D. Pridemore on 25May1865 and [5] Campbell Slemp born 2December1839 in Turkey Cove, VA. He became Captain of Co. A 21st VA Battalion, later promoted to L.C. and even later Colonel of the 64th VA Regiment. He became a member of the VA House of Delegates 1880-84. Campbell Slemp was elected as Republican to the 58th-61st Congresses. He died on 13October1907. [Note - Campbell Slemp's family continued in the last paragraph of this page] (b) Sarah Slemp married John Ritchie on 16September1834 in Lee Co., VA. (c) Melvina Slemp was born in Wythe Co., VA and died in Lee Co., VA. She married Issac Hughes who died in 1866. They had four children: Susannah Hughes who married Mr. Farley, Walter Floyd Hughes, Sarah Melvina Hughes and Alpha Virginia Hughes. (d) John Wesley Slemp was born on 20September1816 in Wythe Co., VA and died in Lee Co., VA on 28August1889. He married Clarinda Jane Barron, the daughter of William Nathaniel Gale Barron and Anna Collier Barron. Clarinda was born on 25April1823 in Lee Co., VA and died on 17October1889. The children of John Wesley and Clarinda Slemp will follow at the end of this page. (e) Hually Slemp was born on 14/24June1818 and died on 9October1889. Hually married twice. First to Adaline Gemima Gilley in 1836 and then to widow Letitia Wade Collier several years after Adaline died on 22September1860, in Wise, VA. Letitia and Hually were married on 8December1864. Adaline Gilley is the daughter of John Gilley Sr. who was born in NC in 1780 and Mary Kate Barger. Letitia is the daughter of Castleton Wade and Margaret Duff Wade. Letitia Wade was born on 30September1838 and died on 3July1894. (f) Granville W. Slemp married Adaline who was born in NC and they had a son Clinton Slemp. (g) Susan Slemp was born on 18May1821 and died on 16July1900. Susan married John Reasor, the son of Daniel and Susannah Jackson Reasor. Hually Slemp and Adaline Gilley, who was born in 1820, had eleven children: (1) Sarah Melvina Slemp was born on 12September1837 and died on 17December1909. She married Logan Wampler. (2) Leonah Slemp (3) John Slemp was born in 1841 and died on 10December1918. John married Elizabeth Clarkston who died on 15January1941 at the age of 88 years, 9 months and 23 days. (4) Sebastian Smyth Slemp was born in 1844 and died on 22November1906. Sebastian married Valeria E. Riddle who was born on 26November1845 and died on 28January1907. (5) Susan Slemp was born in 1846 and married on 6March1866, John B. Barker. He is the son of Charles C. and Catherine Barker. John Barker was born in 1844. (6) Alfred Slemp was born in 1848 and died on 28March1914. Alfred married Jane Shuler who was born on 21January1854 and died on 28April1939. Their son, Marion M. Slemp was born on 10March1887 and he married in 1910, Bertha Mae Burchett who was born 6October1890, to William S. and Mary Rutherford Burchett, and died on 5January1918. They had two daughters Loretta and Lucille Slemp. Marion later remarried. (7) Margaret Slemp was born in 1850 and married William S. Cox on 16April1873. He was born in 1849, the son of David and Temperance Flanary Cox. (8) David Slemp was born on 20September1854 and died on 3March1928. David married Alpha Callie Waddell. She was born on 20May1854 and died on 7September1922. They had 12 children and they are listed at the end of this page. (9) Tyler Hopkins Slemp was born on 24February1858 and died on 31December1928. Tyler married Carolina Clarkston who was born on 24November1856 and died on 15March1926. Three children: Cura A. Slemp, Alfred C. Slemp born 5June1890 and died 30Nov1959. He served in WWI with the VA 1st Lt. Field Artillery. His wife, Maggie M. Slemp was born 11Jan1894 and died on 18Dec1925. Temperance Slemp was born to Tyler and Caroline Slemp in 1892 and married on 30May1923, Robert L. Cox, the son of J.S. and Elizabeth Cox. Robert Cox was born in 1890. (10) George W.H. Slemp was born in 1860. (11) ALPHA BELLE SLEMP married, in Lee Co., VA on 25September1872, HIRAM WESLEY REECE who was born in Lee County, Virginia on 28October1849.

ALPHA SLEMP was born in Lee County, Virginia in 1853. Alpha died on her daughters fifth birthday, 5August1898, and was buried in Mount Zion Cemetery. Hiram died 27September1917 and is buried with his wife. Hiram and Alpha Reece had no fewer than ten children. MOLLIE REECE was born 3June1873 and her sister CORA REECE (PATTERSON) was born 18November1877. FLORA "CATHERINE" REECE was born 15May1875 and died in 1898. Her sister, REBECCA REECE (SHARP) was born 16October1890 and died 4January1978. JOHN REECE was born in Texas on 28January1879 and married FANNY who was born in Mississippi. They had five children: ELVIN REECE, ELMER REECE, HIRAM REECE, FANNY REECE and MOLLY REECE. The sons were all born in Texas and the two daughters were born in Oklahoma. ARTHUR HIRAM REECE was born to Hiram and Alpha in Collinsville, Texas on 1September1886. He later married MINNIE E. REECE who was born 5February1884 and died 28August1966. She is buried at Fairview Cemetery. Arthur H. Reece died in Hood, Texas, on the 11th of May, 1949 from a sudden heart attack while transporting cattle, and buried the next day at Fairview. Arthur and Minnie had three children: D. J. REECE born 24August1919 and died 30June1983 with burial at Fairview, he had married AVA N. in 1949, EUGENE ARTHUR REECE who is buried at Fairview, and a daughter who married W. E. LEVELL. Arthur's sister ALICE AMANDA REECE was born 21July1881, died on 7October1954 and married twice. She first married E. A. HALL and had the following children. PETE HALL; BERTIE HALL (SINCLAIR); EMMITT J. HALL, who was born on 9June1900 and died on 23June1992. He married LOIS on 18October1928. She was born on 26August1907 and died on 11July1985. They are both buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Whitesboro; and ORUS PETE HALL who was born 14February1905 in Tioga, Texas. Pete was a Navy Seabee during World War II. He married, on the 7th of September, 1968, EDITH MIZE CRAVENS in Gainesville. O. P. Hall died in Nocona, Texas on 20March1990 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Whitesboro, Texas. His first wife was FAY A. HALL. She was born in 1911 and died in 1968 and is buried at the Collinsville Cemetery. Orus and Edith had a son, RAY HALL. Alice Reece married secondly, RICHARD ELLIOT REEDY who was born 15October1875 in Arkansas and died 2February1934. He is buried at Mount Zion Cemetery with Alice who died on the 7th of October, 1954. Richard and Alice had several children: (1) RICHARD E. REEDY, born in Grayson County, Texas 22 Nov. 1917 and he married RUBY DELL SAVAGE on 4January1946. BUSTER BROWN REEDY (SR.) who married 12January1946, in Whitesboro, Texas, LINNY OPAL THOMPSON. Buster Reedy Sr deid January 6th, 2000 and is buried at Whitesboro in the Oakwood Cemetery with his wife. Opal is the daughter of WILLIAM FRANKLIN THOMPSON SR. and BEATRICE BIRCH. Linny Thompson was born 29June1918 in Dixie, Texas and died 24August1999 in Sherman. She was buried in Whitesboro 26August1999. She has two sisters- QURAN THOMPSON (BROWN) and DORA THOMPSON who married BILL AGEE and a brother, WILLIAM FRANKLIN THOMPSON JR. Their son, BUSTER BROWN REEDY JR. married RHONDA and had the following children: CHAD SIAS REEDY, ELIC REEDY, SETH REEDY, and JASON REEDY. Buster and Opal also had two daughters; ALICE REEDY who married THOMAS IVY and had 2 children- ALLAN IVY and LISA IVY, and SEPHRONIA REEDY who married GEORGE RUE and had 2 daughters- JENNIFER RUE and MELANIE RUE. (3) CLEMMIE REEDY who married BILL CASTELL, (4) ALPHA LOU REEDY who was born in Cooke County, 22March1923 and married CARL HOUSTON BASS, 21December1946 in Weatherford, Texas. She died 7Oct1954 in Grayson County, Texas and was buried on the 8th. (5) GLENN REEDY, and (6) DOLPHUS EDWARD REEDY who was born 14November1913 in Cooke County and died 9September1983 in Haltom City, Texas. Dolphus Reedy was buried in Mount Zion Cemetery on 18September1983. His wife was FRANCIS. Their children are: BILLY WAYNE REEDY, FRANKIE RAY REEDY, PEARL REEDY (SHWADLENAK) and PEGGY REEDY (WILLIAMS). Hiram and Alpha Reece had a son who would later serve as sheriff of Cooke County in 1929. His name is ATE REECE and was born 29November1882 in Texas. He married IDA V. REECE who was born 16December1882 in Cooke County, and died in Gainesville, 26January1969. She was buried at Fairview Cemetery on the 27th of January. Ate Reece died 15June1960 and is also buried at Fairview. Ate and Ida resided at 905 N. Commerce, Gainesville. In 1934, Ate and Ida Reece resided at 1329 E. Pecan. They had two children: 1st Lt. RAYMOND REECE of the 325th Photographic Wing Reconnaissance in 1943, and LUCILLE REECE who was born in Texas, 1909 and married E. W. BROKAW. Raymond Reece entered the service in August of 1942. Raymond Reece was an assistant manager of Kress Company and boarded at 1329 E. Pecan. Hiram and Alpha's ninth child was MAGGIE LOUHAMY "LOUISE" REECE who was born 1April1875 in Collinsville, Texas and died 8February1971. She married OSCAR BAILEY DOVE in McKinney, Texas on 17July1918. O. B. Dove was born 16January1895 in Collinsville and died 7November1944 in Collinsville. Both are buried in Collinsville. Oscar B. Dove was member of 125th Field Artillery, 34th Division in France in 1918, a member of Knights of Pythias Lodge and American Legion.

Oscar Bailey Dove was the son of ALDEN MACK DOVE, who was born on 10March1863 in Quitman, Wood County, Texas, and JANE "JENNIE" BROADWATER, who was born on 12February1866 in Batesville, Arkansas, who were married On 11October1883. The mariage license states M. O. McDove. Alden came to Collinsville, Texas in 1869. Alden Dove died on 4March1933 and his wife died, Jennie, died on 2June1935. They are both buried in the Collinsville Cemetery. They had three children including EDWARD HUGHES DOVE who was born on 25May1892 in Collinsville, and LIZZIE MAE DOVE who was born on 26April1887 in Collinsville and died on 1November1962. She is buried at Collinsville Cemetery. Lizzie married LESTER WILLIAMS in 1907. They had four children: MACK WILLIAMS, GUY W. WILLIAMS, KENNETH WILLIAMS, and BOYD WILLIAMS. Guy Williams was born on 31May1911 and passed away on 11December1966. He married CLARICE L. WILLIAMS on 20August1937. Clarice L. Williams was born on 5October1917. Guy and Clarice are buried at the Collinsville Cemetery. Edd Dove, his choice of spelling, married RITTA AURORA PORTER who was born on 11August1892 in Arkansas in the year 1911. Ritta A. Dove died on 13June1967 and her husband, Edd, died on 4July1965. Both are buried in Collinsville Cemetery. To view the Dove Place: Click Here. Edd and Ritta had six children. Three died at birth and two of those were twins and the others were STELLA MAE DOVE, ALDEN EDWARD DOVE, and ALMA MERLE DOVE (all born in Collinsville). Stella was born on 24June1916 and died on 30June1995. She married RAYMOND "BUG" RUSSELL on 23January1935 and they have two children: TIM RUSSELL and BILLIE RUSSELL. Raymond Russell was born on 12April1905 and died on 10July1989. Both are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Whitesboro. Alma was born on 18February1925 and married JOSEPH DAVID RYMAN in Bay City, Texas on 5November1943. Alma Ryman died on 3March1999 and her husband passed away on 19November1987 after being born on 31December1922. Alma and Joseph's children are: RITA RYMAN, BARBARA RYMAN, MICHAEL RYMAN, SANDRA RYMAN, and JOSEPH DAVID RYMAN Jr. Alden Edward Dove was born on 17April1922 in Collinsville and married twice; first to KATHLEEN and secondly to CLETA on 29December1979. Alden and Kathleen had three children together: ALDEN DARNELL DOVE, LANA DOVE, and JOHNNY MACK DOVE. Alden "Tooter" Dove was born on 11August1942 and married JUDY HURLEY on 31August1962 in Collinsville. Judy was born on 26December1944 and they have two children: KAREN, who was born on 16January1967, and JEANA, who was born on 25August1963. Karen married SCOTT TERRY and they had son TYLER TERRY. Jeana married DAVID FRASIER and they have two children: STEPHEN and SARAH RUTH FRASIER. Lana Dove was born on 21September1946 and married GENE HENDERSON on 16October1964 in Collinsville. Gene was born on 25December1946 and they have two children: DAWNA LAGENE HENDERSON, who was born 23July1965, and TERRY EUGENE HENDERSON. Terry "Tar" Henderson married ELAINE and they have two children as well: HEATHER and HEATH HENDERSON. Dawna married T. J. SMITH and they have two sons; HAYDEN AND KYLE COOPER SMITH. Johnny Mack Dove was born on 2November1953 and married MARTINE GLENN on 2October1976. They had daughter SHANNON DELENE DOVE on 17December1981.

ALPHA BELLE REECE was born to her mother on 5August1893 in Mount Zion and she married JOHN PATTERSON WARE on the 10th of June, 1914. Alpha Reece Ware died 29April1987 in Gainesville and was buried on May1,1987 at Fairview. John Patterson Ware was born in Woodbine, in the old family home, on 22January1893 and died 18June1976 in Dallas, Texas. He too is buried at Fairview, being buried there on 20June1976. John P. Ware ran for sheriff of Cooke County in 1934 but was defeated and later was made an honorary deputy sheriff, 22January1953. John Ware is listed in the book 'Know Your County-1929' as living on Route 1 in Woodbine. There are 5 in the household and the Head of the Household is 66 years old. They are owners of the land and drive a Ford and Studebaker. John Ware is a large land owner and stock dealer; his acreage unknown but 100 acres is cultivated. He rents the balance of the cultivated land out, and has 75 hens. John and Alpha were members of the Woodmen Circle and had one son, RAD REECE WARE. Rad Ware was born 7September1919 in Woodbine and was baptised on 4March1920 also in Woodbine. Rad R. Ware married twice: first to JEANETTE MARTHA LAMMERS on 27September1940 in Weatherford, Texas and later married ETHEL FAYE SMITH-NANNY. They were married 26July1998 at the family home in Woodbine. Rad Reece Ware was the youngest graduate of the Gainesville Junior College at the age of 17 in 1935. Rad was elected President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Big Spring, Texas; Chairman of the Citizens Traffic Court in Big Spring; Chairman of Howard-Glasscock Chapter of the National Foundation and director of the Howard County Unit of the American Cancer Society. Rad was also co-chairman of March of Dimes in Big Spring, Texas. Rad R. Ware served in the Army and here is his discharge papers: This is to certify that Rad R. Ware 38 287 106 Sergeant Squadron E 2532nd Army Air Force Base Unit Army of the United States is hereby Honourably Discharged from the military service of the United States of America. This certificate is awarded as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service to this country. Filed in Howard County on 20October1960. Date of Entry 4December1942. Date of Seperation 16February1946. His Decorations and Citations include: Good Conduct Medal, the American Theatre Campaign Medal, and the World War 2 Victory Medal. Length of Service is 3 years, 2 months, 22 days.

Henry Clinton Slemp married, first, on 16March1852, Joanna Barron, the daughter of William Nathaniel Gale Barron and Anna Collier. Joanna was born on 18Sept1833 and died on 31March1863. Henry married secondly, Melissa Elizabeth Haburn, the daughter of Benjamin F. and Barbara Gose Haburn. Melissa was born on 3March1842 and died on 21October1917. Henry and Joanna had six children: (1) Henry Campbell Slemp born 4July1853 (2) M. Luther Slemp born 14Jan1855 and died on 2Feb1917. He married Nannie E. Pennington who was born on 31October1860 and died on 20Dec1918 in Pennington Gap, VA. They had a son, Hyatt C. Slemp who was born on 15March1889 and died on 17December1926. Hyatt and his parents are buried in the Town Cemetery in Pennington Gap, VA. (3) Louis H. Slemp born 29November1856 and died 20July1885 (4) Martha Slemp (5) Hugh Letcher Slemp born 4January1859 and died 25April1913. Hugh married twice; first, 20March1893, Margaret E. Flanary born 13March1874 and died 23October1901. Margaret was the daughter of James Monroe and Nervesta O. Flanary. Hugh married secondly, Belle Flanary. (6) Alice Slemp was born in 1861 and died in 1947. She married Charles E. Flanary who was born on 6October1861 and died on 16September1937. Henry Clinton Slemp and Melissa Elizabeth Slemp had ten children: (a) Nancy Beele Slemp was born on 9Feb1866 and died on 6July1887. She married Rev. Joseph Ely Graham who was born on 8June1857 and died on 15March1942 (b) Eva Elizabeth Slemp was born in 1867 and married Mr. Cox (c) Clark Slemp was born in 1868 and left Lee Co., VA (d) Ulysses Slemp born 1870 (e) Nervesta 'Venus' Melissa Slemp born 1872 (f) Alpha Dorthula Slemp born 7September1874 and died 21May1899. She married teacher James Polk Bray/Brahe (g) Judge Slemp (h) Mattie Lunie Slemp born on 18September1877 and died on 7June1896. She married John Reasor Bailey on 20August1873. (i) Eliza Slemp and (j) Patton Wise Slemp born in Wise, VA. Henry Clinton Slemp's brother, Campbell Slemp married first, Mary B. Thomas, on 25July1861 in Scott County, VA. Mary was born on 20March1843, the daughter of William G. and Ruth Thomas. Campbell and Mary Slemp had a daughter Mary Venus on 11March1862, but Mary Thomas Slemp died in childbirth that day. Mary Venus Slemp married E.P. Tate of Bristol, Tennessee. They married in Scott Co., VA on 15November1883. E.P. Tate is the son of James E. and Elizabeth Campbell Tate. Campbell Slemp married secondly, Nannie Brittain Cawood, in Lee Co., VA on 9June1864. Nannie was born on 7November1840 and died on 11June1908. She was the daughter of Moses and Emily A. Maddy Cawood. Emily A. Maddy was the daughter of Elizabeth Maddy who was the daughter of Benjamin Posey and Susannah Chadwell. Campbell and Nannie Slemp had seven children: (1) Emma Maggie Slemp born 20March1865 and died 19May1889 (2) Henry Clinton Marcellus Slemp born 15May1867 and died 4June1868 (3) Susan Jane Slemp born 6Jan1869 and died 6Feb1935. Susan married John Wesley Newman on 30Nov1916. John Newman was born on 23Jan1869 and died 6June1938. He was the son of John J. and Lucy Harlan Newman. He became a Senator for Kentucky. (4) Campbell Bascom Slemp born in Turkey Cove, VA on 4September1870 and died on 7August1943. He is buried in the Slemp memorial Cemetery in Turkey Cove, VA. (5) William Moses Slemp was born on 12April1872 and died on 4March1912. He married Octavia Hatcher on 22Feb1910. (6) Nannie Belle Slemp born on 9May1874 and died on 15June1910. She married James Parks Edmonds, M.D. on 10June1902. James Edmonds was born on 19Feb1874 and died on 20April1946. He and Nannie had two sons, James E. and Campbell Edmonds. (7) Laura Alpha Drucilla Slemp born 31October1877 and died on 4November1900. The Slemp Family Bible is in the Southwest Virginia Museum at Big Stone Gap, VA. Campbell Slemp's will is in Lee County, VA Will Book 5 Page 184. Campbell Bascom Slemp was elected to replace his father in Congress after he died in 1907. President Calvin Coolidge appointed Slemp as his private Secretary in August of 1923 and he acted as the President's confidential advisor until March of 1925. He was a commander of the Legion of Honor (France). He founded the Slemp Museum in Big Stone Gap.

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