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Henry "Pat" Ware Family

HENRY PATTERSON "PAT" WARE was born in Springfield, Missouri on 15October1855. He married MATILDA ELLEN ANDERSON in Woodbine on January 2,1876. The Andersons came to Gainesville twice; once in passing thru to seek gold in California in 1870 and they returned to Woodbine when no gold was found. Matilda and her sister stayed in California until 1875. Matilda Anderson was born 27September1857 in Fayetteville, Arkansas and died in Gainesville, 28January1934. She was buried in Fairview Cemetery next to Pat Ware on 30January1934 in the Ware Family Plot. Pat Ware was elected Constable of Precinct 1 in 1884 and he was also a special Texas Ranger. Pat Ware was elected Sheriff of Cooke County 9 times, in 1886, 1888, 1890, 1892, 1894, 1902, 1904, 1906, and 1908. George Womack served from 1896-1902. Pat Ware moved from Woodbine to Gainesville in 1884. In 1887-1888, Pat resided at 123 Blanton between Dye and Chestnut and ten years later, in 1895-1896, he resided at 539 N. Weaver. In 1924, Pat and Matilda resided at 629 N. Weaver. Pat engaged in the real estate business with George M. Grice {possibly, George N. Rice}(office at 16 1/2 S. Dixon) and George Pat Ware, the insurance business (H.P.Ware and Co.), and was the chairman of the Cooke County Exemption Board during WWII. Pat Ware was killed by the Katy train at California Street, Gainesville on 1December1928. His Ford Coupe was dragged about 100 feet and was rolled numerous times, killing him instantly. He was buried on 3December1928 in one of the longest funeral processions ever seen. Pat and Matilda had five children. An INFANT DAUGHTER was born 11September1879 but died 13September1879. She is buried at Oak Grove. Another daughter, LILLIE WARE, was born 4December1880 and died on 22September1897 in Gainesville, Texas from consumption. She is buried at Fairview Cemetery. A son, WALTER H. WARE was born on the 18th of October, 1893 and died 12May1894. His burial took place at Fairview. A curious note is that the Family Funeral Announcement states "Walter P. Ware". Pat and Matilda's daughter, ROSA B. WARE was born in January of 1884 in Gainesville, Texas and married GEORGE J. CARROLL in Gainesville. George Carroll's brother, Dr. T. W. CARROLL, was 49 years old when he died in an automobile wreck 4July1923 in Clarendon. He had a wife and six children. Rosa died 12January1963 in Gainesville and was buried the next day in Fairview. At the time of her death, she resided at 1211 E. California Street, Gainesville. In 1915, George and Rosa are Undertakers at 311 N. Commerce and reside at 400 N. Dixon. George Carroll was born in Dallas, Texas on 13February1879 and died 2December1952. George J. Carroll founded George J. Carroll & Son Funeral Home and his son, George J. Carroll Jr. ran the Funeral Home after his death. George Carroll was buried 4December1952 in Fairview Cemetery. George and Rosa Carroll had three children: (1) GEORGE J. "JOE" CARROLL JR. born in Gainesville on 21January1910 and died on 28May1993 in Gainesville at his residence at 1900 E. California Street. He was buried at Fairview on 1June1993. Side note: A George J. Carroll was Sheriff of Cheyenne, Wyoming as of 17March1938. Any relation?? George Jr. married twice: first, DORA STEPHEN who died 11July1976 and secondly, SUZANNE SOUTHWORTH, who died 12June1985. His children by Dora are STEPHEN CARROLL, CYNTHIA "CINDY" CARROLL (ROGERS), and PATRICK WARE CARROLL born on the 17th of September, 1931 in Gainesville, Texas. He served in the United States Navy and later was the director of the Paris Office of the Fullbright Commission. He never married and died childless on 10June1999 in Albuquerque, NM and was brought back to Gainesville for burial in Fairview on the 14th of August, 1999. (2) DOROTHY CLARICE CARROLL who married R. J. WILLIAMS on 21December1927 in Gainesville, Texas. Dorothy died 24July1945 and was buried the next day at Fairview, and (3) JOSEPH CARROLL who had NORRIS CARROLL who died 1April1937 and is buried at Fairview. The fifth child of Pat and Matilda Ware is GEORGE PAT WARE, born in Woodbine 10January1891 and died 11April1958 in Gainesville. George P. Ware residence at 828 North Taylor Street, Gainesville. He ran an upholstery shop next door to his residence for some time. In 1913, George and Lillian resided at 551 N. Weaver and George was a clerk for J. P. Brown. In 1924, George was employed by H. P. Ware & Co and Marshall & Ware and in 1934, George was the assistant manager of the local relief office and resided with Grace at 723 N. Weaver. He was buried 12April1958 at Fairview Cemetery. George Ware married twice: first to LILLIAN M. SWEENEY on 1September1909 and she delivered his son, JAMES H. WARE. James Ware was born 21January1911 in Gainesville and married BESS GERALD PETTY. James died in Chapel Hill, N.C. on the 24th of March, 1991. He is buried in Tuscon, Arizona. James Ware retired as the senior vice president of Union Carbide International. They had sons ROBERT TIMMIS WARE and PETER W. WARE. George Ware married secondly, GRACE CARSON who was born in the year 1904. Grace Ware died on 20February1966 and is buried at Fairview. George and Grace had four children together, two sons and two daughters. GEORGE PAT WARE JR. and JOE K. WARE are the known names of their children. A daughter married FRED MILLER.

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