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Elijah Ware Family

ELIJAH "LIGES" WARE was born in Missouri 25March1850 and married twice. He married, first, MARY FRANCES GIBSON on the 1st of December, 1870, in Cooke County, Texas. She was born 13March1853 and died 10April1879 with burial taking place in Oak Grove Cemetery. Elijah waited until 30June1881 to marry SARAH "SALLIE" LEONARD. Life does not seem to have been kind to Liges as he died of typhoid fever on May 8, 1884. He is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Elijah Ware bought W.H. Mitchell's store in 1881. W.H. Mitchell had come to Cooke County in 1874. Elijah sold that store to W.C. Eades and opened a new store. This store was later bought by J. P. Altum, W. H. Mitchell and B. F. Mitchell as Altum and Mitchell. Elijah did have several children from these marriages though. Sarah Ware boarded with Elizabeth Leonard in 1887-1888. It is highly possible that is her mother. Later, in 1895-1896, Sarah M. Ware is listed as residing at 214 W. Pecan and running a boarding house. Daughter BLANCHE WARE married Mr. BARTON. LUCY WARE was born to Mary on 31May1871 in Texas and married PERRY B. JONES on the 17th of August in the year 1890. She only lived a few more years, dying 17January1894 and burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery. Sister, MELISSA WARE was also born in Texas 7January1872. She married Dr. DENNIS L. MITCHELL who died on 21April1906 after being born on 29October1879. He is buried at Nelson Grove Cemetery with his first wife, MARGARET L. MITCHELL. Melissa and D.L. were married on December 24th 1891 by R.C. Nelson. Melissa resided at 617 South Morris in Gainesville at the time of her death. Melissa died in Gainesville in 1950 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Gainesville, Texas. Melissa and D. L. had three children. FRANK MITCHELL was born in 1892 and died in 1962. RUBY MITCHELL died in 1935 and married W. C. CLEMENT. Also an infant child of the Mitchell's is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Elijah's other son, JAMES "JIM" WARE was born 1August1877 in Woodbine, Texas. James Ware was baptised in Cook Pond in Woodbine by Rev. Cowling. He married LEONA PEARL SUMPTER on 3December1899 in Woodbine, Texas by Rev. England. She being born near Goldthwaite at Gorie, Lampasas County, Texas on 21June1883. She lived until 22February1963 and was buried on the 24th in Collinsville, Texas. James died less than a year later on 16June1964 and buried 18June1964, also in Collinsville. Pearl Sumpter is the daughter of JESSE A. SUMPTER and NANCY W. SUMPTER who moved their family to Cooke County in 1896. Jim and Pearl had two children: ELMER WARE who married ALENE OSBURN on 23December1922 and LOVEN HENRY WARE who was baptisted at the Woodbine Methodist Church in 1919. Elmer was born in 1902, just like his wife, and died in 1969. Alene died in 1987. Both are at Collinsville. Leona had joined the Methodist Church in 1909. Pearl Ware got her Methodist Certificate from the Woodbine Methodist Church on 30December1911. Loven Henry Ware was born 3Feb1907 at Blanchford, Arkansas. Loven joined the Methodist Church on 19April1919 and was baptised the next day by Rev. High Hand. Love married NITA ALLEEN, daughter of Charles M. and Lenora Stearns (possibly STEVENS) of Whitesboro, 30November1930 at Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma. Nita was born in Grayson Co., 10July1913 and died in Woodbine, 20April1935. She was buried in Collinsville two days later. The had two children: James Neil Ware was one of them. Love died 8January1979. He is at Collinsville Cemetery. Liges' son, HENRY WARE, was born in Woodbine in September of 1875. On the 15th of September 1892, he married MARY ELIZABETH BELLE HURST in Woodbine. They were married by David R. England. She being born in Woodbine on 4April1876 and passing the century mark in age. She lived to be 102, passing away on the 7th day of October, 1978 and buried next to her late husband at Fairview Cemetery. Henry died 1July1952 in Gainesville. One of Henry's obituaries states that he was born on 23November1874 and not September of 1875 as stated in census records. In 1924, Henry and Mary resided at 14 2nd Street and Henry was listed as a cattle buyer.

Mary Hurst is daughter of GARRETT HURST of Pulaski, Virginia who was born 25August1845 in Clairborne Co., VA and died on 17December1936 in Gainesville and was buried on 18December1936. The Hursts came to Texas in 1870 and bought a 140 acre tract in Cooke County. Garrett's wife, NICOTIA MIRANDA HURST, was born on 15January1843 and died February21, 1907. Garrett Hurst resided at 210 N. Grand in 1924. Both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Cooke County. They were responsible for Hurst School in Cooke County. Garrett's parents were Samuel Hurst and Virginia Breeding. Samuel was born 25January1820 and died 24December1895 in Newbern, Pulaski Co., VA. He is buried with his wife at Hurst Cemetery, Newbern, VA. Virginia Hurst was born 23January1823 and died 6January1909. They had eleven children: (1) Eupham who was born 19October1841 and died 4November1841; (2) William F. who was born 16November1842; (3) Garrett Hurst who married Nicotia; (4) Estel who was born 14March1848 in Clairborne Co., VA and married, in Cooke Co., Tx, 22November1876 to Nancy Shivers; (5) Jackson Hurst who was born 17August1851 in Clairborne Co. and died in Pulaski Co., VA 25September1910. He married in Dublin, Pulaski Co., 13May1880 to Margaret Dawson. He is buried at Hurst Cemetery as is the five remaining Hurst children; (6) Milton who married 13January1854 in Clairborne Co. and died 17April1944. He married Victoria Rhodes 2December1874; (7) Samuel Hurst Jr. who was born 20May1856 in Clairborne Co. and died 19October1902; (8) Samaria Virginia Hurst who was born 12August1859 and died 24October1865; (9/10) twins John and Sterling Hurst who were born 20February1863 and both died 24October1865; (11) Albert M. Hurst who was born 13January1867 and died 9May1949. He married Mary Ashworth on 4October1888. Garrett Hurst and Nicotia had nine children: (A) Virginia Samaria who was born 8March1867 and died 4August1889. She was buried the next day at Dye; (B) Garrett Norvel H. Hurst who was born 15September1868 and died 15March1923 in Cedaridge, Delta Co., Colorado. He married Della Texas Stevens on 6January1889 in Gainesville; (C) James M. Ingram Hurst who was born 10August1870 in Cooke Co. and died 24July1890, also in Cooke Co. He was buried the next day at Dye; (D) Charity V. Hurst who was born 15August1873 in Cooke Co. and died 5September1953. She was buried at Fairview the next day. She had married George W. Baker in Woodbine, 25February1894; (E) Mary Belle Hurst was born 4April1876 in Cooke Co. and died 5October1978 in Gainesville, with burial at Fairview. She married Henry Ware on 15September1892 in Cooke County; (F) Corla S. A. Hurst who was born 6February1878 in Cooke Co. and died 18August1926 in Gainesville with burial at Dye Cemetery; (G) Calla C. Hurst was born 21March1880 in Cooke Co. and died 4June1907 in Gainesville with burial at Dye; (H) Jasper Jackson Hurst was born 24January1882 in Cooke Co. and died 11August1964 in Gainesville with burial two days later at Fairview. He married Ida Reams on 10November1907 in Gainesville; (I) Francis R. Hurst married Leonard Lynch. She was born 23July1887 in Cooke Co. and died 27November1975 in Gainesville with burial at Nelson Grove Cemetery. They were married 22September1907 in Burns City, Cooke Co., Texas.

Henry and Mary's son LUTHER ELIJAH WARE was born 4March1895 in Woodbine, Cooke County, Texas. He married twice: first to the daughter of BRACKENRIDGE L. MOSS and MINNIE MAY MITCHELL. JOHN MILTON MOSS was born in Kentucky, 8July1828 and died 3August1887 in Woodbine. He is buried at Oak Grove with his wife. He married PARALEE FANCHER in May of 1858 in Hill County, Texas. She was born 7January1836 and died 26July1895. J. M. had come to Texas in 1849, settling in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas. He helped establish the first Methodist Church there. He served all the years of Civil War. He moved family to Cooke/Grayson Co. line area in 1867. His children were: (1) EUDORA MOSS who was born in 1859, Hill Co., Texas. She married HUGH C. NELSON in Cooke Co. on 14October1875. (2) BRACKENRIDGE L. MOSS, born in Hill County, Texas and he married twice; first to TEMP T. NORRID on 23December1880. They had MIRTLE, who died young and DONNIE who married Mr. J. W JOHNSON in 1901. Brack Moss married secondly, on 16June1889, MINNIE MAY MITCHELL, dau. of W. H. MITCHELL and NANCY ELIZABETH NELSON. W. H. was born 28September1841 and died 26February1907. Nancy was born 26December1845 and died 7February1936. Both are buried at Nelson Grove Cemetery. Minnie Mitchell was born in Cooke County. She had MYRTLE VIRGINIA WARE NORMAN, who was born in 1886, with Rad A. Ware. Brack and Minnie had: (a) GERTRUDE who was born in 1893, (b) HAZEL B. who married LUTHER WARE, (c) ZOLA WAYNE who married EARNEST SEWELL, (d) THADDEUS L. MOSS who married twice. First to LILLIE BAILEY on 20December1891 and they had: IRA BAILEY who married DAISY PRIOR ROSE. He married secondly, MINNIE CRAWFORD. There are several of T.L.'s children buried at Oak Grove: INFANT DAUGHTER, INFANT SON, INFANT MOSS, and INFANT MOSS. (e) JAMES W. D. who married EDITH DORA SIDDENS on 19November1893. They had LILLIAN & HORACE MOSS. (f) THEODORE A. who married EULA E. HART on 7March1895. They had seven children. HAZEL B. MOSS on 27July1912 which took place in Cooke County. Hazel was born in 1896 and died in Woodbine in 1927. She is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. A year later, Luther married ELLEN M. WEBB (1928). She was born 16November1897 and died 1June1973. She too is buried at Oak Grove. Luther outlived both his wives, dying 8January1987 in Gainesville, Texas. His residence at the time was 720 S. Taylor Street, Gainesville. In 1934, Luther Ware is listed as residing at 210 N. Schopmeyer with H. G. Ware boarding there too. He was buried on the 10th of January in Oak Grove. Luther and Hazel had 5 children. Luther had no children with Ellen Webb, although Ellen did have two previous children, William Webb and Juanita Webb (Beverly). BEATRICE WARE was born on 22March1916 and died tragically in a car/buggy accident with a train on 1April1917. Luther's ear was severed in the wreck and Hazel's right foot was mutilated. Her left arm was fractured as were several ribs. Son H.G. had his hip fractured and head cut severely. Beatrice Ware was killed in the wreck at the Woodbine crossing. Beatrice was buried the next day in Oak Grove Cemetery. Hazel reportedly never recovered from the wreck and had health problems the rest of her life. Hazel died after giving birth to her daughter, VIRGINIA WARE, on the same day. Virginia Ware married Charlie Links, grandson of CHARLIE WESLEY LINKS and MARTHA "MATTIE" ANNE FRANCIS NISLAR, who was born in North Carolina. Charlie Links was born 10-04-1858 and died 08-04-1938. Mattie Nislar Links was born 3Jan1857 and died 24March1926. Both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Charlie and Mattie had daughter, CALLIE LINKS (4March1895-5June1914) who is buried at Oak Grove, ROB LINKS who married LONNIE LOVEN, ERNEST L. LINKS (30May1888-11Nov1965) who married ELIZABETH "Lizzie" MUELLER born 4Dec1903 {both are buried at Rosston}, W. W. LINKS who was born 20May1881 and passed away on 8Nov1882, LUTHER LINKS who married RHODA HOGAN, CHARLIE LINKS who married CLOE HOGAN, and FRANKLIN L. LINKS (1890-1939) who married Nettie Links (1892-1984). Both are buried at Oak Grove. Luther's son, HENRY GORDON WARE was born in Texas in 1913 and died in 1948. His burial was also at Oak Grove. His wife later married L. J. Ramsey. BILLIE BESS WARE was born to Hazel on 17August1919 in Texas. She married ERNEST L. CUNNINGHAM who was born 24November1916 in Cooke County to WILLIAM RUFUS CUNNINGHAM and TURA ONIS HIGHTOWER and died 17August1995. He was buried on the 19th of August, 1995 at Oak Grove. W. R. Cunningham was born to the John Cunningham's on the 30th of June,1894 and died on the 22nd of May, 1967. Tura Hightower was born 1December1893 and died 23February1974. Her sister was Minnie Hightower. Both are buried at Oak Grove. Billie and Ernest Cunningham had three children: BILLY WARD CUNNINGHAM, HAZEL CUNNINGHAM (PERRY), and MELBA LEE CUNNINGHAM (DOBBS). Luther and Hazel's other son, JOHN LUTHER WARE was born in Woodbine on 31March1921 and died 15May1981 in Denton, Texas. He was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery on 17May1981. John Luther married JOHNNIE EULA WARE. His son MELVIN WARE married CLETA and had two children, MIKE WARE and JENNIFER WARE. Sgt. John Luther Ware entered the Army in 1939 and was discharged on 15July1945. He was decorated with Good Conduct Medal and the Purple Heart.

The other children of Henry and Mary Ware are LAURA B. WARE who married BILL THURMAN and had daughter BILLIE DALE THURMAN. ROY E. WARE born 7October1882 and died 2June1883. His twin was RALPH E. WARE born 7October1882 and died 1June1883. Both are buried under the same tombstone at Oak Grove which lists Ralph first and two death dates. Since Ralph is listed first, I gave him the first date shown on tombstone. WALTER G. WARE was born to Mary on 20December1908 and died 2February1982. He married, on 9March1937 by J.H. Chism, BERTHA MAE BORDOVSKY who was born 26April1908 and died 6May1994. She is buried at Fairview Cemetery with her husband. Their son is PAUL WARE. WILLIAM HENRY WARE was born in Woodbine on 23October1893 and married twice: first to MABEL "BESS/NORA" SIMPSON on 23April1914 in Cooke County. Mabel is the daughter of WILLIAM PRIESTLY SIMPSON and CYNTHILIA DAVIS. W. P. was 63 years old when he died near Woodbine the night of April 7, 1919, being born on 20March1856. He had a wife, who was born on 11February1857 and died on 27September1924, four daughters and two sons: BESSIE SIMPSON, Mrs. W. B. WRATHER, ROSE SIMPSON, CHARLES SIMPSON, WARD SIMPSON and MABEL SIMPSON WARE. W. P. Simpson had four sisters as well; Mrs. J. B. WILLIAMS, Mrs. JOHN EDWARDS, Mrs. J. E. GARNER, and Mrs. G. R. HOOPER. W. P. Simpson was buried in Oak Grove 8April1919, where his wife would be buried five years later. There are several mentions found of original Simpson settlers: William Simpson in Sivells Bend by 1860. Three people from this area served on Citizen Court jury of 1862 including W. J. Simpson - more than likely this same Willaim. Circuit Rider preacher in Gainesville between 1848-1854 was T.P. Simpson. H.R. Simpson was a teacher at Union Grove. Mabel was born in 1895 and died 28February1925 in Gainesville. She was buried 2March1925 in Oak Grove. William H. Ware married secondly Mrs. ATTA GLORIA WOMACK WOOD on 17March1928. Atta Womack was born 4February1899 in Cooke Co., and died in Denton, Texas, 21May1981. She was buried 23May1981 with William at Fairview Cemetery. William H. Ware died 8February1982 in Gainesville. William H. Ware is listed in the book 'Know Your County-1929' in Woodbine on Route 1. There were seven in household. The Head of Household is 35 years old and a renter. They drive a Ford and have 247 acres total, of which 40 acres are cultivated, and they also have an orchard. He is a corn farmer, has a truck and feed. They have 4 horses, 10 hogs, 5 cows and 40 hens. Henry F. Womack was the father of Atta Gloria Womack and five other children. VELMA WOMACK (STARITT), FLORA WOMACK (ANGLIN), NAOMI WOMACK (WILSON), MONT WOMACK, and ONARD WOMACK. Atta Ware residence at time of death was 609 Carnes Street.

The children of William and Mabel Ware are as follows: HENRY DALE WARE who died at 2 months and 13 days old in Woodbine on 29 January1918. He was buried 30January1918 in Oak Grove. WILLIAM BOYD WARE was born in Woodbine, 20December1914. He married eighteen year old NAOMI PORTER, 28November1934. Sgt. William B. Ware entered the Air Corps on 31October1942. GRANVILLE WARD WARE was born 26January1922 in Woodbine. Granville Ward Ware - GHS Class of 1939. Sgt. Ware entered the Air Corps on 28September1942. He was awarded three Battle Stars. Granville died 27July1945. Granville's brother, CHARLES LUTHER WARE was born in Woodbine on 26March1919. Charles L. Ware was with 49th Infantry Division in New Guinea. He entered the Army on 19February1942. He was awarded the Presidential Citation, the Purple Heart and five Battle Stars. Charles was later employed with the Gainesville Concrete Company for 30 years. He married GERALDINE BOND on June the first, 1947. Charles died 1December1984 in Gainesville and was buried in Fairview Cemetery, 3December1984. He had a daughter, CHARLOTTE WARE. By his second marriage to Atta Womack, William Henry Ware had (1) RAYBURN OWEN WARE, born 2 October 1929 and died 30December1969, (2) ROSABEL WARE (SHELL) born 15August1931, (3) SELENA WARE (ADAMSON), (4) MARGUIETTA WARE (PATTERSON), and (5) REBECCA RUTH WARE (WOOD) born 14September1935 in Woodbine.

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