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James Ware Family

JAMES "JIM" WARE was born 1January1845 in Franklin Co., Missouri and married GABRIELLA COCHRAN/COCHRUM on 15April1866 in Cooke County. They were the first, in a long line of, Ware marriage in Cooke County. Gabriella was born 1844 and died 4June1918. James was killed in an arguement on 3December1880 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery near Woodbine. Gabriella is the daughter of Edward who was born in Kentucky and Gabriella Cochrane, who was born in Kentucky also. They had eight children in all. The first six were born in Missouri and the last two, Gabriella and Edward were born in Texas. W. M., Amanda, George W., Volena, Bryant, Melvina "Vinnie", Gabriella, and Edward Cochrane. James Ware's Discharge Papers read as follows:

To Whom It May Concern: Know ye, that James Ware, Private of Captain William White Company "A", 1st Regiment of Cavalry Missouri Volunteers who was enrolled on the 13th day of September one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two to serve three years or during the war, is hereby DISCHARGED from the service of the United States, this Thirteenth day of June, 1865, at Little Rock, Arkansas by reason of Circular 83 of 1865 from War Dept. A. (No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist.) Said James Ware was born in Franklin County, in the state of Missouri, is 18 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches high, dark complection, blue eyes, dark hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a farmer. Given at Little Rock, Arkansas this thirteenth day of June, 1865. (signed) Julius Schlaich - Capt. 27 MO Inf Vols.

James Ware's Confederate Record reads as follows:
James Ware, Pvt., Age:18
Comm. Off: Twitty, Wm. C., Capt.
Organ: Co. B., 3rd Reg. TC; Col. Wm. C. Young, Comd., 21st Brig.; TM. tr. to CSA.
Enlist: Ma. 25-61; Mus. in at Gainesville Je. 10-61; Mus. in CSA Oct. 2-61.
Remarks: R&F 109; 108; 107; H$150, HE$30, Arms: Gun$15, Revolver$5; Co. Comm. S. 4-61; hdqrs. at Ft. Arbuckle; 3Mr dated Je. 30-61, May 25-Oct. 2-61, and Je. 6-Oct. 2-61; Substituted for G.W. Terry in his Stead Sept. 17-61.

James "Jim" Ware and Gabriella had seven children, four of whom are JOSEPH "BILL" WARE, AMANDA WARE born 1873 and she married John E. Turner on 31July1888, NANCY "Nannie" WARE, and MARY WARE born 1875 who married Cicero M. Baker on 11February1893. The ceremony was performed by David R. England. JOHN E. WARE was born 27December1867 in Texas, as were all of their children. He died 21September1887 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. Nancy "Nannie" Ware was born in Cooke County on 4March1874 and died on 16April1959 in Shamrock, Texas. She married JOHN EVERT "PETE" MITCHELL on 3March1893 by David R. England in Cooke County. He was born on 15January1873 in Pulaskin County, Missouri and died on 2May1956 in Shamrock, Texas. They had eleven children and they will be listed below the Clicks (down). SPENCER P. WARE was born to Jim and Gabriella in May of 1878 in Woodbine, Cooke County, Texas. He married JENNIE BELL WINKLER on the 13th of December 1896 in Cooke County. She was born 10 October 1879 also in Cooke County, the daughter of JAMES H. WINKLER, born in Illinois who married LOVENIA F. HIGGASON, who was born 15January1857 in Illinois. Jennie had a brother, HENRY E. WINKLER and a sister, MAE WINKLER who married S.D. CONWELL. Two infant child of S.D. and Mae Conwell are found buried at Dye Cemetery according to their records but no markers have been found. Jennie died in Ft. Worth, Texas on 26February1964. She was buried in Dye Cemetery, near Woodbine, two days later on the 28th. Spencer "Spence" Ware died of a heart attack on Christmas Eve 1941 putting out a flag for the ice man to stop by. The ice man that day was George Ware who discovered his body near the roadside. He was buried in Dye Cemetery with his wife. Jim's seventh child was CHARLES WILLIAM WARE. Charles was born on 14January1867 in Texas and he married ADDIE EMMA MITCHELL who was born on April 29, 1876 in Missouri, the daughter of SAMUEL JOSEPH MITCHELL and MALISSA NELSON. They were married 21April1895. Addie's brother was J. E. "PETE" MITCHELL. Samuel "Joe" Mitchell died 9September1909 at son's house (J.E.) and was buried at Dye Cemetery 11September1909. He was 63 years, 6 months, and 27 days old. Samuel Joseph "Joe" Mitchell was born in Pulaski County, Missouri 13February1846. He married Malissa E. Nelson in MO and came to this county in 1875. Malissa died on 18November1898. They had children: W. C. Mitchell, Marion M. Mitchell, J. E. "Pete" Mitchell, Ora Mitchell McKee, and Addie Mitchell Ware. Samuel Mitchell had a sister, Martha Mitchell York. Samuel was crippled March 1, 1877 when a tree fell on him while clearing his land. This Ware family would in later times move to Oklahoma. This is where Charles died on the 21st of May, 1936 at Broken Arrow. He was buried in that city two days later in the Sweet Home Cemetery. His wife, Addie outlived him but died 27March1943 in Oklahoma from paralysis. Charles and Addie had seven children and all are believed to have been born in Texas. BESSIE MALISSA WARE was born on 18December1906 in Gilliam, Arkansas and married Herbert Benton. Her older sister, MARY JESSIE WARE was born on 18October1912 and married twice: first to BARNEST BROWNING PERRIN and later to Mr. CANTRELL. Bessie died on 29November1981. Another sister, ALMA LEE WARE was born in Texas on August 19, 1897. She later married Mr. DARBY. Big brother, RAD HUBERT WARE was born on August 24, 1895 and married RUTH. The children of Hubert and Ruth Ware are as follows: ROBERT WARE, ERNEST WARE, NOAL WARE, CHARLEY WARE, ANNIE WARE who married ODAS BLAIR who died in 1943, LOUISE WARE who married ED WILLIS, LUCILLE WARE who married NEAL SPOON, and STANLEY WARE who married RUTH (died 1949) and had daughter NORMA ANN WARE. Hubert died in 1935. JOSEPH VIRGIL WARE was born on 19February1899 in Texas and lived until 1952 with his wife PEARL. WILLIAM SPENCE WARE was born on 14November1903 and married HESTER. Brother, GEORGE ERNEST WARE married EVA LEE GARNETT in Whitesboro, Texas on April Fools Day, 1April, 1926. George E. Ware came into this world on the 24th of May, 1901 in Woodbine. His wife, several years younger, was born 25September1909 in the city of Van Alstyne, Collin County, Texas. She was the daughter of JOSEPH ALBERT GARNETT, who was born 21September1873 and died on 23Decemeber1964, and VENA ELIZABETH CLARK, who was born on 25September1886 and died on 21March1979. Joseph and Vena are buried in Whitesboro at the Oakwood Cemetery. Her brother was named ROBERT. Eva died on 14July1994 in Overland Park, Kansas. She would be brought back to Whitesboro for burial at Oakwood Cemetery on the 17th. Her husband preceeded her in death on July 8,1991 in Sherman, Texas. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery also, on the 10th day of July. George E. Ware is listed in the book 'Know Your County' in 1929 as living in Woodbine on Route 1. Head of Household is listed as 28 years old and a renter. Three persons in household and they drive a Ford. Head of Household earns wages, has 2 hogs, 2 cows and 15 hens. George and Eva Ware had BOBBYE JOE WARE who married twice: first to DENNIS GODWIN in Gainesville and then to Mr. RHOADS, DOROTHY MARIE WARE who married ROBERT ALLEN WILDEBOOR on 2December1944, and GARNETT RAY WARE. The children of Bessie Malissa Ware and Herbert Benton are as follows: Charles Benton, Laura Belle Benton, Imagene Benton, Faye Benton, and Eugene Benton. Faye benton married Glen Batson and had four children: Glenda Batson, Charles Batson, Rick Batson, and Diane Batson. Rick Batson married Karen Doner and had two children: Nicholas Batson and Chase Batson.

Spence P. Ware and Jennie Bell Winkler had five children. (1) ANNIE WARE, (2)AN INFANT CHILD buried at Oak Grove, (3) MAGGIE ISABELLE WARE born 9July1900 in Texas and married A. B. PHILLIPS who lived from 23February1895 to 11August1950. Maggie died 7October1987. (4) LILLIE BESSIE WARE born 13September1897 in Texas and married M. ERNEST SCOTT, the proud parents of M. ERNEST SCOTT, JR and LILLIE INEZ "SCOTTIE" SCOTT. They were married in Cooke County on 28June1916. Lillie Scott (Gruesen) was born in Gainesville, Texas on 20June1924. She received her bachelor of science degree in 1959 and was a teacher for 30 years. She died 3January2000 and was buried Mount Olivet Cemetery, Ft. Worth, Texas on 7January2000. Her daughter is SHARI GRUESEN (McCALL). Shari's children are SHANNON McCALL and BRANDEE McCALL VINCENT, the mother of BRENDON VINCENT. (5) LOUVENA WARE was born 8November1904 and died 9JanBoth are buried at Fairview Cemetery. Her husband, GEORGE ALLAN McCORKLE was born on 16October1905 in Woodbine, Texas and died 13June1973 in Dallas, Texas. George Allan McCorkle worked for DrPepper for 31 years. They were married 3September1923 by J.H. Chism. George is the grandson of JAMES H. McCORKLE born on April the eleventh, 1853 in West Virginia. He died on 24October1936 and was buried at Collinsville Cemetery. James married MARY who was born August 8, 1851 in West Virginia. She passed away on 28April1922 and was buried in the Collinsville Cemetery. James and Mary McCorkle had five children. (1) MOLLIE McCORKLE born in August of 1879 in Texas, (2) ELLA McCORKLE born in June of 1887 in Texas, (3) SUSIE McCORKLE born in February of 1890 in Texas, (4) BUSTER VIRGIL McCORKLE born April 10, 1891 in Texas and died 22February1951. He was buried in the Collinsville Cemetery with his wife. He was married to DELILIAH McCORKLE who was born on 26April1891 and died on 1August1967. (5) GEORGE McCORKLE who was born in 1880 and died in 1955. He is buried with his wife in the Collinsville Cemetery. He married MARY NATALIE ENGLAND who was born in 1883 and died in 1962. The England family connection can be found at the end of this page. They had at least eight children. (A) LELA C. McCORKLE (WELCH), (B) HENRY CLAY McCORKLE born 8August1911 in Woodbine and died 29November1992. He married IRENE UNDERWOOD on January3, 1933 in Marietta, Oklahoma. She was born to Mrs. ALBERT UNDERWOOD on 20April1913 in Grayson County, Texas and died 7August1982 in Sherman, Texas. She was buried on the 9th of August, 1982 and her husband was buried on 1December1992 in the Collinsville Cemetery. Their children are: WAYNE McCORKLE, GENE F. McCORKLE, LOUIS McCORKLE, SHIRLEY McCORKLE (HALFF), GAYLE McCORKLE (VOYLES) and JoANN McCORKLE (TAYLOR). (C) MOLLIE E. McCORKLE (YOUNG), (D) ALBERT MERLIN McCORKLE born 26July1913 in Cooke County, Texas and died in Woodbine, 4October1984. He was married to PAULINE and had five children; MARILYN McCORKLE (LUSCHEN), BEN McCORKLE, ROGER McCORKLE, KENNETH "Red" McCORKLE, and JERRY McCORKLE. Albert was buried in Marlow, Oklahoma, on 6October1984. (E) JAMES DAVID McCORKLE, (F) CARL/CUSTIS McCORKLE, (G) ERVIN/IRVING W. McCORKLE, and (H) GEORGE ALLAN McCORKLE born 16October1905 and married LOUVENIA WARE on 3September1923. George and Louvena McCorkle only had one child, a daughter, WYANETTA McCORKLE who married BENJAMIN HARRIS MACON. They too only had one child, SUZANNA WYANETTA MACON born 3July1949 in Dallas, Texas. She married COLEMAN WOODARD 16February1971 and had a daughter, AMY WOODARD born 1January1976 in Dallas, Texas and married in February of 1995, WILLIAM STRAKES.

GABRIELLA COCHRAN WARE married THOMAS J. CLICK after her marriage to JAMES WARE on 9December1887. Thomas Click was born in March of 1864 in Texas and died 30July1917. Gabriella died the following year on 4June1918. She was born in 1844. Thomas and Gabriella Click had two sons. WILLIE J. CLICK was born in Texas, 12July1888. JOSEPH "JOE" CLICK was born in Woodbine on the 24th of July, 1890 and married JIMMIE SAVAGE in Woodbine at W.E. Moore's house, on 22February1914. Joe died 30th of October, 1956 and is buried at Fairview. Jennie Savage was born on the 18th of October, 1888 in Danville, Illinois and died 21September1988. She was the daughter of GEORGE and ATTA JETTON SAVAGE. Atta Savage died of pneumonia at age 28 on 1December1891. Joe and Jennie Click had four children. BETTY JO CLICK was born 14November1926 and married CARROLL MOORE on January 1, 1947. Carroll Moore is the son of W.E. Moore. They are the parents of DAVID MOORE, JOE MOORE who married Cathy, and Nancy Moore. WALTER T. CLICK was born 23February1915 in Cooke County and died 10July1996. He is buried at Oak Grove. Walter Click married ARDATHA TRUITT on 27December1947. Walter Click retired from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway Company. The fourth child of Joe and Jennie Click is RALPH B. CLICK. He was born on 27July1920 and joined the Army during WWII. Ralph was a member of Company 1 of the 161st Infantry-Army and was killed in the line of duty on 17May1945. He was killed on the Philippine Island of Luzon, where he was originally buried at Santa Barbara. Pfc. Ralph Click was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. His body was brought back to Cooke County for burial on 9August1948 in Fairview Cemetery. Ralph's sister, LOIS CLICK, was born in Texas, 1January1918 and baptised in Woodbine in 1934. Lois married CLEO "PETE" DAVIS on the 27th of July, 1940. Pete was born 18May1918 and died 21October1989. AN INFANT CLICK is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.

The children of John and Nancy Ware Mitchell are as follows: JOHN EVERT MITCHELL was born on 3March1895 in Cooke County and married GERTY WOODROW on 1July1926; ROY K. MITCHELL was born on 20November1898 in Cooke County and married GUS; LEMOND MITCHELL; ORA OLA MITCHELL was born on 25February1900 in Becham County, Oklahoma; MELLA LAURA MITCHELL was born on 20January1903 in Becham County, Oklahoma and married RANIOUS HILL on 24November1924; LEONARD MITCHELL was born on 3February1905 in Becham County, Oklahoma and married, in 1935, E. MICKEY McNEILL; CHARLES HASKELL MITCHELL was born on 18April1907 in Becham County, OK and on 12September1927, married TRESSA MAY WORDWELL; JOSEPH BAILEY MITCHELL was born 25January1909 in Becham County, OK and was married on 27May1928 to OLIVE N. ESTEP; EDITH MITCHELL was born on 9June1911 in Becham County, OK and married RAY ESTEP on 18November1928; ANDY MITCHELL was born 18April1913 in Becham County, OK and married ANN HARRIES on 30November1935; and CECIL MITCHELL was born to John and Nancy Ware Mitchell on 29May1915 in Wheeler County, Texas and married MADINE SMITH on 16November1948. Joseph Bailey Mitchell married Olive Novella Estep who was born July 23, 1912 in Longton, Kansas and died in 1988 in Tacoma, Washington. She is buried in Roy, Washington. Her parents are JAMES EDWARD ESTEP and NANCY LEWIS. They had seven children: BAILEY EUGENE MITCHELL was born 30September1929 in Shamrock, Texas and married, on October23, 1953, Jeanette Ruscher; WILLIAM LEONARD MITCHELL was born on 14June1931 in Roy, Washington and married, on April 07,1953, JANET MILLER; CECIL MARVIN MITCHELL was born 08January1931 in Tacoma, Washington and married LORRAINE COOK in 1953; GRACE MAUREEN MITCHELL was born 28March1935 in Tacoma, Washington and married ROLAND WILSON; DONALD DUANE MITCHELL was born on 05June1938 in Tacoma, Washington; ROBERT IRVIN MITCHELL was born on the 28th of October, 1941 in Tacoma, Washington and died at age 43, never having married; JOHN ALLEN MITCHELL was born on 22February1958 in Tacoma, Washington and never married. John Allen is the son of Joseph Bailey's second wife, Ruth. The ancestry of Mitchell's reads as follows: Samuel Mitchell was born in Virginia and he married Elizabeth Nash who was also born in Virginia. They had four children, all born in Missouri: William H. who married Nancy Elizabeth Nelson, daughter of John Nelson and Letha Maxey. W. H. and Nancy had Minnie M. Mitchell who married Brack Moss and they in turn had Hazel Beatrice Moss and she married L. E. Ware, the son of Henry Ware and Mary E. Hurst. She is the daughter of Garrett Hurst and Nicotia Maranda Quesenberry. Mrs. N. M. Hurst was born 15January1843 in Virginia and died 21February1907. She was buried at Dye 22February1907. Nicotia was the daughter of James Quesenberry and Euphemia Breeding. Her first husband was J. William Ross Clark, father of Dr. William R. Clark. Dr. Clark was born 1September1862 in VA and died 22Nov1896 in Gainesville. He was buried 22Nov1896 at Dye Cemetery. He married Olivia Smith 14February1888 in Snowville,VA; James Mitchell; Samuel Josiah/Joseph Mitchell who married Malissa Nelson; and Lorena Mitchell who married Mr. Bates. Samuel Joseph Mitchell was born 13February1846 in Pulaski County and died 9September1909 in the Dye Community. He is buried at Dye Cemetery with his wife. Malissa Nelson was born 13July1848 in Pulaski County and died 19Novemeber1898 in the Dye Community. They had six children: C. William Mitchell born 1867; Marion M. Mitchell born 1869 and married Bell Bentley 11November1893; Ora Leota Mitchell born 1871 and married J. E. "Walt" McKee 25November1892; J. E. "Pete" Mitchell who married Nancy Ware; Addie E. Mitchell who married Charles Ware; and Laura Bell Mitchell born 22September1879 and died 29August1895. She is buried at Dye Cemetery.

The son of David England, who died in 1917, and Natalie Rudolph, who died in 1941, was Minister David R. England. Natalie Rudolph married Albert Frederick Theobald who came to Texas via New Orleans from Germany in 1855. Albert would die two months before his only son was born. He was named after his father. Albert Theobald Jr. married, first, Elizabeth Baker when he was nineteen and she died of fever just a few short months later. He married secondly May Emma Fletcher. They had 8 sons and 2 daughters. Natalie remarried a widower with four children, all sons, on 20February1859. Marriage license states Francis N(atalie) Theabauld. His name was David R. England. Their son, David R. England was born 22March1861 in Cooke County, Texas and he married EMMA APPLONA JENNINGS, who was born 18July1862 in Missouri. She is the daughter of Thomas Jackson and Mary Ann Jennings. Their family moved to Texas in 1871 and they married on 28January1881. They had 10 children. (1) Albert Calvin England who died in infancy. (2) Minnie Carroll England who died in infancy. (3) David Carroll England who died in infancy. (4) Mary Natalie England (1883-1962) who married George McCorkle in 1901. They had eight children: David, Carl, Allen, Mollie, Irvin, Clay, Merlin, and Lela. (5) Thomas Lorenz England (1886-1929) who married Elizabeth Jessick and had three children: Elizabeth, Helen, and Thomas Lorenz Jr. (6) Walter Guy England (1890-1942) who married Maude Overton and had three children: Raymond, Bryan and Berniece who died of diptheria at the age of seven. (7) Charles Wesley England (1892-1948) who married Maymie Overton (sister of Maude Overton England) and they had seven children: Bennie, Neva, Barbara, Dollie, Wesley, David Aaron, and Charles. (8) Melissa England (1894-1983) who married John Salling on 6November1910 and they had three children: Ralph who died in 1981 and he married Odessa Guess, Lillian who married Ray Lynch, and Wanda who married Paul Briley Jr. (9) Rachel Josephene England (1896-1971) who married David Moore in 1915. They had three children: David Wade moore who married Katherine Porter, Joseph Morgan Moore who married Mary Forsum, and John Rudolph Moore who married Geneva Sharp. (10) Emma Agnes England (1902-1989) who married Earl G. Smith in 1920 and they had three children: Earl G. Smith Jr. who died at age 10, Doris Jean Smith who died at age four months, and Jo Margaret Smith who married Beauford Haney.

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