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Wares of Woodbine

John Ware

JOHN WARE of Missouri married NANCY ALTUM in Franklin County, Missouri on 1 July 1841 by J.P. Peyton R. Sawyers. They headed to Texas in a covered wagon with three children and settled in Woodbine, Texas in 1854. These three childen were JAMES WARE, HENRY PATTERSON WARE, and ELIJAH WARE. Unfortunately, three young children did not survive infancy to make the long journey to Texas. LUCINDA WARE was born 10 April 1843 in Missouri and her date of death is unknown at this time. WILLIAM WARE was born 15 December 1846 in Missouri and his date of death is unknown also. A third child, a son who was unnamed, born and died on 5 January 1848 in Missouri. John Ware was born in Missouri in 1815 according to censuses and became involved in the 'Great Hanging in Gainesville' due to his connections to the North. John Ware was one of 25 people present at first meeting of the Citizen Court in October1862. Of the 25 present that day, 15 were eventually hung from a tree along Pecan Creek in Gainesville. In all, 42 people would eventually lose their lives because of their Northern connections (ie: Union sympathizers). John was forced to flee from his family in order to escape death. He fled back to Missouri and eventually signed on to serve in the Civil War. He survived that battle but was killed returning home to Texas in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he is buried. Before the unrest, John Ware was one of the more popular and supportive men in the entire county. His loghouse was a polling place for voters from the fall of 1860 til August of 1862. He became one of the largest land owners in the area and it is said that the Wares befriended Jesse James when he passed through the area, as did several other Northerners in the county. Nancy Altum is the daughter of JAMES BULGER ALTOM/ALTUM and SARAH NICHOLS. Nancy was born in January 1819 in Marion County, Illinois, one of eight children. Her brother SPENCER ALTUM would soon join her in Texas along with his wife, HANNAH ALTUM, and son, JACK P. ALTUM. John Ware first paid taxes in Cooke County in 1855 on 320 acres on Timber Creek; in 1861 he paid taxes on that tract plus 640 acres elsewhere along the stream, 8 horses, and 60 cattle. The homestead was settled on or about January 13th, 1854. The Ranch is listed in the Texas Family Land Heritage Registry for being in the same family for 100 years. The following is an example of Nancy Wares taxes in Cooke County for 19 December 1877: 320 acres John Martin; 320 acres E. G. Spencer; 320 acres William Goodnight; 160 acres Phillippe Conyear and the total value of assessed property is $2995. The State ad Valorem is $14.97 plus County ad Valorem of $22.46 equals $37.43 due in taxes. Nancy Ware raised six sons all alone after Johns death and instilled great values in each of them. They were all farmers originally, of course, and most would become vast land holders. One son, Henry "Pat" Ware would set the record for terms as sheriff of Cooke County, and his brother would serve his country during the War between the States and another would become a banker. Not one son forgot about his roots and continued farming until the very end, as it was in their blood.

John and Nancy's son,SPENCER "SPENCE" WARE was born on April 11, 1858 in Woodbine, Texas and died 10May1890. He is buried with his wife and daughter at Oak Grove Cemetery. Spence married MARY F. DIESTER on 12September1877 in Cooke County. Her family of Diesters moved to Texas in December of 1854. Mary was born 31March1853 in Texas and died 10April1873. Spence's daughter, JENNIE MYRTLE WARE, would only live to be eleven. She died of congestion of the bowels on 1May1896 after being born on 4January1885. She was buried at Oak Grove on the second of May, 1896. Spence's brother, RADFORD A. WARE, was born in Woodbine, 1March1860, not 1March1861 as stated on his tombstone. In the Cooke County census of 1860, which was taken in June1860, states Rad Ware is 3 months old at the time. Rad Ware died in Tioga, Texas on 27May1925 and was buried 31May1925 at Fairview Cemetery. Rad A. Ware married three times, the first at age 19 to LUCY A. WALLS on 9December1880. Secondly, he married, on the 5th of October, 1885 by John W. Inman, MATTIE NELSON who was born 25May1866 and died 14September1889. Mattie Ware is buried at Nelson Grove Cemetery, in Gainesville, Texas along side their INFANT SON WARE who was born on the 7th of November, 1886 and died 15November1886. Rad's third marriage took place on October 4th, 1894 to LULA COOK. She was born in Missouri on 14January1871, the daughter of WILLIAM ROSS COOK, who lived from 22December1847 to 4October1914, and CHARLOTTE VICTORINE, who lived from 2June1851 to 21September1933. Lula's sister is Avice Cook who married V. D. Aston. Her brother is Ab J. Cook. Her five year old sister is buried at Union Hill Cemetery near Callisburg. Lula died in Gainesville, 4July1948. She was buried in Fairview on 5July1948. Lula Cook Ware took her Methodist Vows at Woodbine on 6November1896. Her family came to Sivells Bend, Texas in 1878 and moved closer to Gainesville in 1879, to Spring Grove. Rad A. Ware filed for patent of 'anvil' brand 14December1878. Rad A. Ware was the director of the Gainesville National Bank in 1902. Rad also donated land for a school that was named in his honor in Woodbine, which still is in use along FM 3164. Lula Ware setup the Lula Ware Home For Superannuated Ministers, years unknown, and their residence was at 101 South Clement Street, Gainesville, Texas. Rad A. Ware was appointed deputy sheriff of Cooke County on 12November1902. Before his residence in Gainesville, Rad owned a ranch in Jack County, Texas. Lula Cook Ware's residence at time of death was at 216 North Grand Avenue, Gainesville. In 1924, Rad and Lula resided at 101 S. Clements and later, in 1934, Lula Ware resided at 301 S. Clements. Rad A. Ware had a daughter, MYRTLE V. WARE, whose mother was MINNIE MAY MITCHELL MOSS, widow of Brack Moss. Myrtle married ILIF E. NORMAN, son of GREEN HILL NORMAN. Green Norman was born in Van Zandt, Texas in May of 1851, the son of John Norman and MARY ULAN ROSSON. She was born 3October1820 and died 18September1882 with burial at Nelson Grove. They married in 1841 in Marshall County, Tennessee. Her sister, Elizabeth H. Rosson married the brother of John Norman, also named Green Hill Norman, born March 3,1825 and died June 12,1903 in Searcy County, Arkansas. He is buried at Big Flat Cemetery there. Thomas McAFEE and wife, Martha ROSSON are both buried at Gainesville. She died in 1880. Martha's sister was MARY ULAN ROSSON NORMAN, wife of JOHN NORMAN, died in Cooke Co. in 1882. Another sister, REBECCA ROSSON, who married ALEXANDER HARVELL. Mr. Harvell, when widowed, married a widowed Norman, Francis "Frankie" Norman, sister of John and Green. Her late husband was Franklin Davis. Green Hill Norman married JANE EVELYN HAWKINS, who was born in April 1852 in Tennessee. Green Norman died in Amarillo, Texas of heart failure 13November1917 and was buried at Nelson Grove Cemetery on 16November1917. Jane died in 1939. She too is buried in the family plot at Nelson Grove Cemetery. The Normans had ten children. It is believed that all ten were born in Texas. Miss LILLIAN NORMAN, BUFORD G. NORMAN was born in November of 1885 and PAUL H. NORMAN was born in April of 1888. SARAH NORMAN who married W. E. GERMANY, and her sister, J. C. NORMAN (PROFFER). MAUDE M. NORMAN was born in June1874 and married MARSHALL BROOKS. ANNIE A. NORMAN was born January1884 and she married L. H. BEAN, and HENRY P. NORMAN was born 9January1876 and died 10September1911 with burial at Nelson Grove. WALTER W. NORMAN was born in April of 1889 and DEAN H. NORMAN in October, 1890. STONER NORMAN was born 10November1890 and died 12August1896. He was buried at Nelson Grove. ILIF E. NORMAN was born 1February1880 in Spring Grove and was baptised in Woodbine, 14August1911. He was married on 18October1901 to Myrtle Ware in Woodbine. I. E. "Doc" Norman died in 1937 in Woodbine and was buried in Fairview with his wife. Doc and Myrtle had a daughter, GLADYS NORMAN who was baptised in Woodbine on 12August1913. Gladys married LANDON D. PRICE. Myrtle Ware took her Methodist Vows at Woodbine in 1896 and she was baptised in the same church, 19July1916. I. E. Norman was a rural mail carrier for many years. He died in 1937 freeing his horse that had become entangled in barbwire and he had a heart attack after rescuing it.

John and Nancy Altum Ware's youngest son, JOHN WARE was born in Woodbine 7May1863 and died in Gainesville, 31May1943. He married MARY ANN HIGGASON at his newly built house in Woodbine on 12April1883. John had received his share of the land from his mother on 5April1881. John was buried along his wife in Fairview Cemetery, Gainesville, Texas, on 2June1943. Mary Ann Higgason was born on the 17th of January, 1867 in Salem, Marion County, Illinois and died in Gainesville, 7February1930. She was buried on the 9th. Mary's family came to Texas in 1881. Mary is the daughter of SAMUEL GILLESPIE HIGGASON and ZURITHA TEMPLE. Samuel G. Higgason was born 26July1824 to BEAS HIGGASON, who died 5January1849. Samuel died 27November1887 and was buried at Dye Cemetery. He was a member of Company "D" 154th Illinois Infantry. His wife, Zuritha was born 8May1827 and died 19November1872. Samuel and Zuritha Higgason had six children. (1) J. TOBIAS HIGGASON was born 5Jan1849 and died 7Feb1924. He was paralized by heat stroke at age 33 and his wife divorced him because of it. John and Mary Ware took train to Illinois and brought him to Texas. He stayed with each family here in rotation for quite some time until he died. (2) CLAUDE HIGGASON, (3) MARY ANN HIGGASON who married JOHN WARE, (4) DAVE HIGGASON who was born 19October1852 and died on 20February1921, (5) WILLIAM RUSSELL HIGGASON was born in Salem, Illinois on the 8th of February, 1853 and died 10March1902. His funeral took place in Duncan, Oklahoma. His only daughter living at the time of his death was Mrs. LEON HALL. One of his daughters married BOB PRESTAGE. William came to Texas with wife number one when their son, PRESTON was 8 and daughter, LILLIAN was 9 1/2. His sisters came to Texas after his wife died, which was during their first winter here, to help out with his young children: WILLIAM PRESTON HIGGASON and LILLIAN HIGGASON. Preston worked for Mr. Bassett's nursery and died on 10March1902. Once he took his sister to the doctor for checkup and, after clean health was declared, the doctor said he needed help at home because his wife had taken sick and he had two small children. She agreed to help. Lillian married CLIFFORD CALDWELL and had two children: PEGGY CALDWELL and CLIFFORD CALDWELL JR. William R. Higgason remarried, this time to a widow with two young girls, Sarah Katherine Clark-Bayers. She was born 22Feb1859 and died on 11May1912. She died by suicide from drinking a bottle of bug poison. This was due to Lena's husband removing Lonnie Cloer from her household. She had raised Lonnie as her own because he lived with them for many years. Needless to say, she was devastated. Her two girls by her first husband were LENA BAYERS and ADA BAYERS. Lena worked in a dry goods store and married Mr. Owens. Ada married CLINT PYLE and had seven children: Comillis, Jeruel, Vera, Regina, Paul, Sariella, and Debs. Paul went to work at an oil well at age 18 and something fell on him during his third week on the job and killed him instantly. William Russell Higgason's wife, SARAH CLARK HIGGASON, was born 22February1859 and died 11May1912. Both are buried at Dye Cemetery. BILLY CLARK was the father of CURRY CLARK who had daughters NORA CLARK, mother of 6 sons and a teacher, and CORA CLARK; SARAH KATHERINE CLARK; and SUE CLARK who married BEN NELSON and they had five children including WILLIE NELSON and LUCIE NELSON. Their children are MARY RAYMOTH HIGGASON who was born 5March1887 in Gainesville and died 19Feb1962. She married first SAMUEL FRANKLIN CLOER on 17July1904; secondly, ADOLPH LOHMANN on 17Jan1942 in Waurika, Oklahoma. He died on 18Feb1945 at age 60; and lastly, ROBERT ESQUAGE HENDERSON on 30Dec1950. ELIZABETH HIGGASON was born on 2Oct1889 in Gainesville. Her sister, BERTHA HIGGASON was born in the year 1891, also in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, and she married JOHN ED KEY. They had son, JOHN ED KEY JR. BETHEL HIGGASON was born 5October1894 and died on the 12th of October, 1918 from food poisoning. This was in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. She had married GRAHAM FOWLER and had two daughters, DOROTHY and HELEN. MELVIN HIGGASON was born in 1898 and died at a young age in 1906. He ate several green plums and by the time doctors arrived two hours later he was dead. (6) JAMES T. HIGGASON, born 5January1849 in Illinois and passed away in Woodbine, Texas, 7February1924. He too is buried at Dye Cemetery. LOVENIA F. HIGASSON was born in Illinois on 15January1857 and 'Vennie' married JIM H. WINKLER, 23September1874. Jim Winkler was born November26, 1851, and died 6November1918. He is buried at Dye Cemetery with Lovenia. She died 13January1944. Lovenia and Jim Winkler had two sons, HENRY E. WINKLER, and SAMUEL L. WINKLER who was born 21November1886 and died 22March1890. He is buried at Oak Grove. Also, daughters JENNIE BELL WINKLER (above) and MAE WINKLER. John and Mary Ann were the parents of a son and a daughter. LUCY JANE WARE was born in Woodbine on the 28th of October, 1888. She married, in Woodbine, WILLIAM EGBERT PURCELL, on 9August1911. Lucy died 2April1971 in Gainesville, Texas and was buried on the 4th at Fairview. William E. Purcell was born in Hebron, Collin County, Texas on 21June1878 and died 28February1946. He was buried with Lucy at Fairview on 29February1946. Lucy Ware was a teacher for Hood Community School #83 and for the Woodbine School #20 in 1907. She had a certificate to teach 2nd Grade at $55.00 a month. Her brother, JOHN PATTERSON WARE (aka: "Little Pat" Ware) was born in Woodbine, Texas on 22January1893 and died 18June1976 in Dallas, Texas. He married ALPHA BELLE REECE in Woodbine, 10June1914. Pat was buried at Fairview, on June20, 1976.

JOHN B. CLOER was an Alabama Irishman and he married CALLIE EUNICE MILLER. Her father was Greek and her mother was full blooded Seminole. They had 7 sons and 3 daughters. SAMUEL FRANKLIN CLOER was born in Alabama on 18April1874 and he married, on 17July1904, in Dye community, Cooke County, Texas, MARY RAYMOTH HIGGASON. Samuel died 7Sept1932 in the Dye community of Cooke County. They had resided in Oklahoma for many years until Nov1912 when they returned home. GLADYS LUCILLE CLOER was born on 6July1905 in Cooke County and she married CHARLES CLARENCE CLODFELTER. CALLIE EUNICE CLOER was born 30July1907, also in Cooke County, and died 10Nov1955. Calle married RAYMOND BROWN who died 11June1955. They married 12Aug1923 and had 2 sons and 6 daughters: (1) NEDRA MAE BROWN-LYON, (2) GOLDIE BELL BROWN-HILL, (3) GENEVA BROWN-DOCKERY, (4) DOROTHY DELL BROWN, (5) MARY ELIZABETH BROWN who married Cleveland Franklin Mabry (6) BONNIE FRANCES BROWN who married Lionel G. Bost (7) FRED ALLEN BROWN who served in the Navy and married ANN (8) GLEN BROWN who spent time in the Buckner Orphanage in Dallas, Texas. The third child of Samuel Cloer is LORENE ELIZABETH CLOER who was born in Cooke County on 5July1909. She married three times; m1: ALBERT HITE; m2: TOM RUSSELL who died 1Nov1944; and finally JESS ROBINSON. MARVIN LOUIS CLOER was born 29July1911 near Wynnewood, Oklahoma and he married OLETA DAUGHTERY. LONNIE B. CLOER was born in Cooke County on 3Dec1913 and died 20Dec1957. He married LORENA ALEXANDER and had six children including, LONNIE CLIFFORD CLOER born 19Aug1946, MARY PERLENE CLOER born 2May1949, and BOBBY VANN CLOER born 22July1954. LILLIAN FRANCES CLOER was born 20Feb1916 in Cooke County and died 28Nov1938. Lillian married W. C. 'CHUB' LOCKE and had two sons, KENNETH RAY LOCKE and HERBERT DEAN LOCKE. VIRGIL RAY CLOER was born 3March1918 in Cooke County, Texas and married Lurlene. All seven of John Cloers children attended the Dye school and then the Rad Ware Consolidated in Woodbine. The rest of John Cloer's children are CURTIS CLOER who died in California, JOHN CLOER, LOTTIE CLOER-TAYLOR who died in Alabama, MAUDE CLOER-TAYLOR who married the brother of her sister's husband. She died in 1973. MINNIE CLOER married J. W. GORE, DUCLER CLOER, LONNIE CLOER, OMEGA CLOER, and CADDO CLOER.

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