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Gladney Family Bible

Cooke Co. TX - Bible Records: Gladney Family Bible
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October 29, 2000

Gladney Family Bible
Copyright 1868
Owner: James W. Gladney, Gainesville, Texas


T.L. Gladney to Miss J.G. Bowden February 23, 1869
F.M. Rogers to Miss Mollie Gladney February 7, 1893
Donald Lacy to Miss Annabel Gladney June 25, 1895
William H. Colley to Miss Lillian Gladney April 24, 1901
James W. Gladney to Miss Blanche Stevens Gibons April 29, 1902
Samuel W. Gladney to Miss Edna Browning Khaley September 22, 1906
William Hudson Tyler to Miss Pauline Wynne Gladney June 30, 1915
John G. Agar of Chicago, Ill. to Miss Lillian Rogers James Rogers to Miss Miriam Pomeroy
James Roy Seitz to Miss Blanche Newcomb Gladney November 6, 1928
Robert W. Richards to Miss Joyce Catheron Colley February 20, 1937


Miss J.C. Bowden was born to Judith Ligon Bowden April 25, 1852 in Alabama
T.L. Gladney was born to Patrick Gladney of NC and Jane Lacy Gladney of TENN
December 1, 1840
Mollie Gladney was born April 7, 1870
James Wade Gladney was born in Avolelles Parish, LA May 18, 1872
Annabel Gladney was born February 25, 1875
Samuel Lillian Gladney was born October 16, 1877
Lillian Gladney was born January 20, 1880
Pauline Gladney was born November 17, 1891 (1881?)

GrandChildren Births:

James Thomas Rogers
Lillian Rogers
Helen Rogers
Blanche Newcomb Gladney April 16, 1905 Gainesville, Texas
Lois Taylor Lacy
Bowden Donald Lacy born Ardmore, OK
William Anthony Colley born Ardmore, OK
John G. Agar Jr.
James Agar
Joyce Agar
Frank Montgomery Agar
James Rogers
James Roy Seitz born 8:15am Wichita Falls, Texas June 14, 1935
Judith Richards born 1:45pm Ardmore, OK April 2, 1938


Mrs. Joyce Catheron Gladney January 2, 1908
Mrs. Annabel Lacy January 19, 1908 Thomas Lacy Gladney July 1919
Lois Taylor Lacy March 17, 1904
Bowden Donald Lacy September 11, 1926
Helen Rogers

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